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The story of Beyond Eyes is a beautiful one, playing as a young girl Rae, tragically blinded who befriends a local stray cat (which you call Nani), you move through the world using Rae’s sense of hearing to project the world around you.

The opening parts of Beyond Eyes shows this relationship between Rae and Nani blossom as no one comes to visit Rae and she is all alone apart from her stray cat. One day, Nani doesn’t show up, it is now up to you to go find the cat, utilising Rae’s sense of sound to navigate the beautifully constructed world around you.

Navigating the world in such a manner is something to behold, from the rustling of leaves projecting tree’s, to the constant tweeting of birds creating echo images instead of a constant image around you, you can tell first and foremost everything was built from the ground up to work off the sound. I am a huge sucker for the art style of video games, and what Beyond Eyes manages to achieve is staggering.

The whole game is essentially a rescue mission to find your lost cat, much like another recent title “Submerged”, there is no combat or risk in the game, no fail state, this is a pure adventure, and the enjoyment of Beyond Eyes will come from the art style and puzzle elements it gives you.

This is where Beyond Eyes succeeds more for me, the puzzles are highly enjoyable, as more often than not Rae’s inability to see causes the puzzles to generate themselves, you will often see the goal/exit of the puzzle area before the rest is revealed, be it a crow squawking in a branch before you see the tree you are trying to pass, or a sheep bleating before you see the bale of hay in your path, all of which are gorgeously recreated in a very unique art style, a living painting of sorts.

You never run or move at any real pace as Rae, this is because she cannot perceive walls or obstacles unless it is making a sound or she is next to/touching it, heart warmingly authentic and after playing the game for a few hours you have a real sense of what it must be like to walk in Rae’s shoes.

As with the visuals, the sounds of Beyond Eye’s is absolutely spot on, you hear so much in so many directions, much like I imagine it must be like for someone with none or limited sight, it will be your ability to distinguish the sounds around you to find out where you are going.

You can’t help but fall in love with Rae, in where white dress with bow and massive wellington boots, she is delightful and something right out of the 19th century, she encounters the world around here with such delight and glee, despite not being able to actually see it, from her little comments when she runs into something or when she encounters something that scares her.

Beyond Eye’s is a brilliant indie title, at £9.99 it is going to be very much reliant on what you enjoy as a game, it is a great little adventure title, but the art style is what will grab you, and is well worth a playthrough and enjoy Rae’s world.

You can go pick up Beyond Eyes HERE.

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Beyond Eye’s is a joy to behold, as an art style it is like walking through a living picture with the added bonus of a stunning ambient sound track. It is just a shame that it is another “walking simulator”, with no risk/reward in the game, your enjoyment will come from the art style and enjoying the journey itself. For £9.99, this might be a bit much for some people to purely enjoy this, but if you can enjoy all of that, it is well worth the investment to enjoy this living, breathing world.

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