Battlefield Hardline: Robbery DLC

EA have announced the latest piece of DLC for Battlefield Hardline called Robbery and according to the developer it’s all about the big score. It comes with a whole host of new features including new weapons, vehicles and gadgets. All of which are listed below.

CS Gas Launcher.

We’ve all used the gas grenades but with the launcher these can be fired a lot further and instead of taking up a grenade slot it fills the gadget slot instead meaning there’s still room for some explosives as well. The launcher can be used by both the cops and criminal operatives to suppress the enemy.

Vehicle Passenger Healing.

The med pack is a vital piece of kit for any team, well now it comes with a little difference. When you’re in a vehicle with your bullet ridden comrades you can heal them as you go. This is really handy in any vehicle based game modes such as Hotwire.battlefield2

New Criminal Class Assault Rifle.

The new bullpup rifle has a bit of a sci-fi look and is great at medium range. It offers great accuracy and stopping power to match.

MDC- For The Cops.

Similar to the new bullpup rifle for the criminal class, the MDC suffers from more recoil but this is made up for with its massive stopping power that will halt any criminal in their tracks.

Throwing Knife.

Yes, that’s right, a throwing knife. It sits in the grenade slot but is the perfect trade-off for those silent assassins among you. Silent and deadly, your enemy won’t know whats hit them. Especially considering no matter where it hits the opponent it’s a one hit kill.battlefield3

Faction Pickup Truck.

Sometimes you just have to drive off-road and when these times come upon you this new truck is the ideal vehicle with its increase in power and handling. Each faction, cops or robbers, get their own version of the vehicle. The criminal version comes equipped with a roll cage while the cops version has the expected flashing lights that is a standard in any police vehicle.

Scout Helicopter.

The scot helicopter has no guns but it does come with massive doors, allowing your friends to hang out of the side spraying the landscape with any amount of bullets while you get them to where you need to be, even if this is on top of a building.

Battlefield Hardline: Robbery will launch in September and we should all be getting a little bit excited for it.

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