Toy Soldiers: War Chest Review

Toy Soldiers has been a fan favourite first released on the Xbox 360 and generated alot of attention, Microsoft anticipated Toy Soldiers would be one of the biggest Xbox Live Arcade releases of the year compared it to Battlefield game franchise and real-time strategy games, but designed to be more easily accessible. War Chest is the third in the Toy Soldiers series, with the first being set during the First World War and the second during the Cold War. It was good fun then and I have to say I had a whale of a time playing the newest edition to this fun and frankly hard tower defence strategy game with Chris our Founder. We tackled hordes of little plastic army men in the first few rounds that happily lured us into a false sense of security then BAM our enemy started rolling out the tanks and that’s really when the “fit hit the shan” you have to be strategic in how you deploy your turrets and mortars to make sure the enemy doesn’t invade your barracks.


Kaiser, Starbright, Phantom and Dark Lord Armies There are four different armies to command and we do love everyone of them, Each with different strengths and play styles of course along with personalities. Kaiser returns with his disciplined WWI-era German forces Yarr!, and Starbright brings her cuddly army of Buddy Bears Awww! not really these things are mean little Buddy Bears trust me, Next let’s talk about them armoured Ponies who are Impossible to kill at times an can worry you when they are up close and personal, and of course not forgetting the menacing Pixies. On the other side of the spectrum is Dark Lord, a villainous tactician who commands a supernatural faction made from men, monsters, and dragons. Hailing from the future, Phantom and her Ghost Company are highly skilled in the art of guerrilla warfare and are armed with deadly technology. Weekly War The battle continues with new challenge maps added every week. Complete all five missions within the seven days and earn rewards such as new units, upgrades and currency to build your every-growing army.


One of the newest features to War Chest over the previous games is to increase you attack meter by killing tones of enemies and release your Hero and take to the field in a mad rush of bullets and mayhem or to take to the skies and launch an ariel assault with a dragon or flying unicorns. This for me was one of the biggest appeals for War Chest and will probably be that for most is you get to play as your childhood action figure hero’s like HE-MAN or G.I. Joe while destroying care bears and fairies screaming “By the power of Grayskull” 

War chests is a great shout out to some of the 80’s and 90’s huge toy franchises like the previously mentioned Hero’s but as this is a Ubisoft game you also get to play as one of the main assassins from the Assassins Creed franchise Ezio Auditore, the base game excluding these said hero’s and includes four armies for £11.99, none of which are based on real world toy lines. These armies are Kaiser Wilhelm, the Dungeons & Dragons style Dark Lord, the rainbow-coloured Starbright army, and the sci-fi team Phantom, If you want any of the licensed armies you have to pay for them separately or as part of a pack. He-Man, G.I. Joe, Cobra, and Ezio Auditore can be bought separately for £3.99 each or as a four-in-one set for another £11.99. There’s also a ‘Hall of Fame Edition’ that includes everything for £24.99. Some may frown at the split in price where as I think its more than fine, some people may not want to play as HE-MAN as they maybe a little younger than me and not have a clue who that is (your totally missing though, trust me) so breaking the cost down put the game in the players hands as to what they want to pay!


Graphically War Chest is not the best game you’re going to see this year. But yet this simple and effective tower defence style game does he trick, your battlefields aren’t massive and it really feels like it was made that way  to ensure the battles are fast and close quarters, if and when you launch your hero into the fray trust me its the best way! the textures and colours are great, it really feels like your playing with your toys in a bedroom or the garden! alot of the map is able to be destroyed which also adds to the tactics as you can cut off the enemy by blowing up a bridge sending them around the long way giving you time to upgrade your turrets and get ready for another onslaught!

The campaign is good enough to justify the purchase even with the licensed armies being separate from the standard edition. Lets talk Co-Op there’s two-player local co-op, and a four-player online mode, which can be both public and private by the way. Local play and online games was pretty good and give you a chance to buddy up and take on them plastic ongoing enemies. No problems with servers of any kind online. I had so much fun playing the Co-op campaign with friends it can bring back some classic ‘Xbox 360’ nights.

So Let’s get down to the Pros and Cons of the game…. The Pro’s are definitely the fun mashing game play along with some well designed maps, sounds and fighting as Heroes like He-Man and Ezio are awesome fun, adding in a fun strategy that’s been kept simple and effective in this tower defence style gameplay! The cons I’m afraid are of course the Licensed Heroes cost extra, you could buy the Hall of Fame Edition for £24.99 or each individual pack for £3.99 and It feels you really need to grind hard or pay to win. The mechanics and the graphics are rather disappointing I was expecting alot better and feel they really could have shown off a little more of the Xbox One’s power.

Here is the official Launch trailer

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Toy Soldiers: War Chest is fun and with Co-op campaign it’s really worth the price tag, The campaign is decent. And there’s little wrong with its game-play to be honest, The constant switching between turrets and action gives the game something different from other titles.The real life figure boxes landing and popping open your favourite Hero just adds the icing on the cake to make it feel like you’re playing on the bedroom floor again with the Toy’s.

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