Siegecraft Commander coming to Xbox One

Australian indie developer Blowfish Studios are currently working on their newest addition to their Siegecraft franchise, formerly only available as a phone and PC game, Siegecraft Commander. This action-strategy mix will be cross-platform and will be available to pretty much everything out there, including your Xbox One.

The game’s objective is to destroy your opponent’s keep, using either the fast-paced RTS (Real-Time Strategy) or the slower more tactical turn-based gameplay. This is decided before each match starts. The game is then played by you launching a “seed” of a new building that, when it lands, builds up into a new structure and also builds a wall from the launched position, connecting the two.

The devs own explanation of the game reads like this:

Create the ultimate medieval fortress and wreak havoc and destruction on your enemies with tower flinging fun! Carefully plan the location of the towers and walls in your fortress network to outmanoeuvre your foes. Easy-to-learn strategic elements combine in subtle ways to yield a rich tactical experience!

Multiplayer – free for all, teams, real-time and turn based.
Fantasy strategy game tailor made for game consoles.
Intuitive turn-based tactical gameplay with the intensity and
richness of real-time strategy.

There’s multiple ways to play the game, either by taking a more defensive route, or by attacking quickly and try to end it before the opponent gets a chance to fortify himself. There’s two factions in the game, the defence oriented Knights or the more offensive Lizardmen, so depending on what gamestyle you’re playing and how you want to play the game, choosing one over the other might be a good plan.

siegecraft comm 1

Siegecraft Commander will be coming live to you in Q1 2016. Look like a fun game to you guys? I think I’m gonna pick it up, especially since it’s gonna be cross-platform. What do you think? Leave a comment down below.

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