Zombi Released Today

Today Ubisoft have released their zombie survival game Zombi on the Xbox One. It is available for download now in the Xbox Store.

When released on the Wii U Zombi had a slow start but eventually became a hit with its novel game mechanics. Also, for people in the UK, it’s nice to be able to fight the zombie scourge in our own capital, London.

If you die in Zombi then your character will become a zombie itself and you will resume the game playing as a different character. If you want the loot you’ve collected back, then you must find your zombie self and kill it. This will test any attachment that you have developed with your character, so don’t get too close.zombi

One of the main problems that people had with the game when it was originally launched was that on paper it sounded like an amazing idea but in reality seemed to feel poorly executed. apparently most of these problems have been addressed with the Xbox One version of the game but on that note we will have to wait and see.

Zombi is available to download from the Xbox Store for £14.99.

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