Witcher 3 NG+ Out Now

So it seems the proverbial “cat” has been let out of the bag a bit early on the Xbox One, The Witcher 3 NG+ mode is out now on the Xbox Store, or can be picked up HERE for those that are at work and want it ready for when you get back indoors.


Myself, I now won’t see much light of day for the next 200 hours or so, as I go and right some wrongs and take some alternate paths! Enjoy NG+ and happy beast hunting!

There is no immediate way to start a NG+, all you have to do is load the save you want, you will then get a pop up prompting you to make a new save, you can then go back to the main menu, start a new game by picking your difficulty, Witcher 2 options and Tutorials, then NG+ will appear and you import your character save.

For a reminder of what is coming in NG+, see below;

New players starting a NG+ with a character lower than level 30 will be bumped up to that level (those with higher than 30 will keep their level), you will also be able to reselect your games difficulty option.

As for items, everything apart from the following will carry over;

  • Quest Items
  • Books
  • Letters
  • Usable items
  • Trophies
  • Gwent Cards

You also get a potion of clearing to reset your skills.

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