New ARK: Survival Screens

Not even 2 weeks ago now we brought you some great news about ARK: Survival Evolved being announced for 2016 and included a quality trailer and a few cheeky snaps, if you haven’t seen it yet then where have you been hiding?? You can find the original post here.

2 weeks on and they’ve dropped a few more screens of their Survival of the fittest” mode, now I don’t know about you but this is up there on the top of my 2016 buys and it was sold with the initial trailer but these images look great, they kind of remind me of The Hunger Games (which isn’t a bad thing) and also include some dinosaurs we haven’t seen yet.

B.e.a….utiful, I can’t for this to come out, reviews from those with early PC access have already given this a high rating and not a bad word said about that I’ve seen. Will you be going solo or teaming up to survive? Maybe an XboxOneUk Clan is a possibility and we can all take over the prehistoric world.

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