Sam Lake on Quantum Break “Your game makes the show”

During Gamescom 2015 in Cologne, Gamereactor managed to get an interview (which can be viewed here) with Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake on all things Quantum Break. We knew from before that the game would feature a playable part, as well as a live action movie part.

“Quantum Break has two elements; cinematic story-driven action game, and a live-action show,” Lake explained in summary.

“They tell two sides of a story. There are two perspectives in the disc. In the game Jack Joyce our hero, and in the show you follow what’s happening in the enemy camp, inside a corporation called Monarch Solutions.”


Your choices while playing the game affects how the live action film turns out, which characters does what and how it all ends. You start out by playing an act in-game that ends with a choice of two possible futures, and depending on what you pick there, the 22 min long live action feature turns out in a specific way.

“So how the experience goes, you play through an act of the game. It ends in a special scene that we are calling ‘a junction in time’, where – because it’s about time travel, because it’s about alternate timelines – you see glimpses of two potential futures, you make a choice which future comes to pass.

“And then, immediately afterwards, we unlock the next episode of the show. We shot a lot of alternate content, so depending on your choice you get your version of the show. And then you watch more or less twenty-two minutes of network TV episode-length of show, you know, what’s happening with the villains inside Monarch Solutions, teams, power play.”

This whole thing makes me a bit hyped about the game, not only do I get to play the game, but also, my choices in-game affect the movie as well. That fact alone makes the game up for multiple play-throughs to watch all the different ways it could turn out.

quantum break2

What do you guys think ? You excited about this? Leave a comment down below.
The game will be released in April 2016.

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