Dad Beat Dads

Time to settle the question of ‘My dad is bigger than your dad’

Let’s be honest, dads fighting other dads isn’t really much fun – until now. Now is the time for the dad to show what he can do, smash the pixels out of other dads to become awesome. Welcome to a hyper-paced platform brawler where reaction speed is key, or you can play like me and mash those buttons like never before. Face up against up to 4 players in local or see how you fair against the very latest robo-dad technology and take on the AI.

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  • 9 different playable Dads with individual strengths. Try ’em all, and see which you like best!
  • Over a dozen unique levels.
  • 3 game modes to keep the gameplay fun and challenging.
  • Smash N’ Grab – Punch other papas and steal their babies, while protecting your own little one. It’s pan-dad-monium!
  • Diaper Sniper – A little something like dodge ball. Eliminate other dads by beaning them with the Diaper Brick. The action’s so crazy, you’ll be hitting bricks. Last Dad standing, wins!
  • Corporate Ladder – Flip the fun vertically. Reach for the stars and collect your riches while fending off other dads. Fall behind and you’re toast.
  • Powerup drops can shift the odds in an instant.
  • Play solo, or battle in teams.
  • Customizable match options to vary the action.
  • An epic soundtrack to keep your Papa’s pulse pounding.


You know an ID@XBOX title as cool as this must have been made by some pretty epic people, say hi to ‘Stellar Jay Studios’. An indie games studio based in Vancouver, BC by Ted Wilson and Corey McDaniel. The studio was forged in the crucible of internet animation but found it’s true calling in the land of video games, judging from how ‘Dad Beat Dads’ looks these boys really know their stuff.

So my fellow gamers, a fast paced brawler to prove which dad takes the top dog spot. I can’t wait to mash the buttons while others perform strategic attacks, will you be adding this gem to your collection with me?


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