Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart

Pirates, Mysteries and Danger await you in this superb title

Imagine owning a museum, being in charge of wonderful artifacts from various ages that span the length of time. But what if one of those era’s has a detrimental effect, an effect so great it will change you and your family forever? The age of the pirates has a curse that they want lifting and the only way this is possible, by taking your daughter.

Not is all as it seems though, why would pirates choose her over others? You quickly work out that the villain is involved in a love story that is centuries in age, through tragedy and heart ache this love story can become great once again with a trade – your daughter’s life in exchange for the resurrection of the pirate’s mistress. A mixture of sorrow for the pirate but the love for your child soon throw you into confusion, parental instincts take over and it’s up to you to stop the pirate before it’s too late.

You leave the museum and navigate your way to the pirate setting, battered by the elements and neglected by all apart from mother nature. Bones lay all around you and a mysterious skull shaped rock portray the dark atmosphere you head into, what could have happened here to leave such devastation behind? Is there an evil so powerful it makes an old worn down pirate ship set sail again, also is the undead pirate really as awful as he first seems?

Are you strong enough to solve the puzzles, lift this dark curse and save your daughter?

  • Switch between Hidden Object and Mahjong puzzle
  • Amazing storyline
  • AAA-quality cinematics
  • Astonishing sceneries
  • Clever puzzles
  • Collect 12 Cursed Doubloons
  • Face the fearsome Captain Remington and his crew


It takes someone truly gifted to come up with such as amazing game, please join me in saying hello and thank you to ‘Artifex Mundi’. They’re are one of the world’s best developers of casual adventure games. Their game portfolio is where you’ll find over 30 titles to play across many platforms so you can play anytime and almost anywhere. With a staff of over 120 unique creative people and thanks to their hard work, players can go on adventures in unusual worlds, in which thrilling stories, extraordinary places and immersive puzzles await them. In addition, they share the love of games with thousands of players by supporting and then publishing fresh and original game productions from young smaller studios.

There we are me heartys, what’s your views on ‘Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart’? I think it looks stunning and really can’t wait to get my hands and this hidden object puzzler, will you add this to your games treasure chest too?


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Chris 'whyayemincepie' Nash

Gamer dad to three kids, we all act the same age and wouldn't have it any other way. Also managed to get myself the most amazing wife that loves gaming too, plus she puts up with me and my funny charms.

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