Crackdown 3, less destruction in singleplayer

Looking at Crackdown 3 when it was showcased at Gamescom 2015, I must say I was impressed. The sheer amount of destruction shown blew me away, pun intended. However, the amount of destruction we saw in the multiplayer part, in which the Xbox One will use the Microsoft Cloud to gather in different parts of the city using different servers to make the computations less for the actual box, will not be featured in the singleplayer.


This has a bit of the community complaining since they want to be able to destroy as much online as offline. The developers however responded with saying that the player takes on the roll of the “hero” in the game, and destroying citys are not what heroes are meant to do.

“So we haven’t discussed much about the multiplayer side. We will be bring some of the things from the campaign. Crackdown has always been about going into this city as a top down agent and you have your character progression so that is a big thing about the main campaign which we will probably bring into the multiplayer and it’s all about taking down your enemies, finding them out and figuring out the best way to take them out so we have some great characters in it. We thought what elements can we bring across where you are going to have loads of players in a fully destructible world which will make sense in the story. One of the things that we want to do is that we don’t want to destroy the city in the campaign, you are going to be the good guy in the campaign, you will be saving the city so we came up with a whole new way to take Crackdown to this multiplayer experience,” Jones said in an interview with Twitch.

Senior Producer John Noonan also gave his opinon when a fan asked why an option for being always online didn’t exist, to be able to take full advantage of the cloud based destruction, saying that “It’s too fundamental of a game design change to make it an option. It changes literally everything.”


I don’t know about you guys, but even if there’s a bit less of blowing stuff up in the singleplayer, Crackdown 3 is still a game I will be getting once it hits the stores. How about you? Does this feature put you off or will you still be getting it? Leave a comment down below.

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