Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Information Update

The Black Ops 3 beta is getting closer and closer with each day that passes but now new information has surfaced from Treyarch themselves when they recently done a Q&A on Twitter.

When Treyarch was asked about whether all the guns will be available in the beta, they didn’t answer the question properly but they did say people will find out soon enough. “Most weapons are. I just saw a near final list of what is in the beta, which means you will see it soon. :)” Treyarch said.

Treyarch also talked about emblems and that Black Ops 3 will improve on emblems when compared to previous versions. Linking and grouping will be available in this version too. Also in Arena all content including attachment can be unlocked along with bans and protects, specialist draft which will be available to custom games.

Last bit of information focuses on prestige and what plans the company has for it. Now Treyarch didn’t want to tell us a lot just yet but they did say it’s going to be back and you can expect some big changes to it. Those details should arise quite soon but until then you can still get into the beta by pre-ordering the game. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is out November 6th on all platforms including Xbox One and Xbox 360. Don’t forget you can check out the tweets from the company themselves below.

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