Hololens – Xbox Live Confirmed

A few days ago on the 3rd of August during a GDC Europe session “One game across PC, Phone, Xbox, and HoloLens”, hosted by Jaime Rodriguez of Microsoft. Rodriguez spoke about the Xbox Live API (application program interface) being available for any device which is part of the ‘ Universal Windows Platform’ which will include the head-mounted display for Hololens.

During this session, he revealed that the Xbox Live API is an integrated API that is also available for other devices such as, Xbox One, Windows 10, Windows Phone and that the HoloLens is also included in this, meaning any device which is part of the ‘Universal Windows Platform’ that has access to the API this will allow Xbox Live functionality across all supported platforms – including multiplayer gameplay.

The possibility of being able to play multiplayer with anyone across the globe through the holographic display of the HoloLens (especially after the Minecraft display at E3 earlier this year seen below) will interest gamers everywhere, but while this is now a possibility its not going to happen any time soon.

Now unfortunately for you guys at the moment it’s a case of sitting tight a waiting with Microsoft’s CEO Staya Nadella recently announcing that the first run of HoloLens development kits will initially go out to the developers and enterprises within the next 12 months so it looks like consumers are having to wait abit longer than initially hoped for.
My mind was blown back at E3 when they showed Minecraft and what it can do at such an early stage, but after this latest update with Xbox live this is only the start for something most of us are looking forward to, potentially jumping in and out of lands with your friends online, right there on the kitchen table building towns/cities across your living room floor, wow…. let me know your thoughts on HoloLens, if YOU could make any game on HoloLens what would it be? Running along side Messi in Fifa or literally having to duck and dive away from zombies?

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