Gigantic: Beta Starts August 28th

Gigantic is a free-to-play shooter MOBA where heroes battle alongside a massive guardian in a fight for supremacy. Gigantic tests teamwork, tactics, and timing as players confront a five-story foe and conquer a fantasy battlefield. It is cross platform for PC and Xbox One players.

Whether players favor shooters, action RPGs, or traditional MOBAs, Gigantic has heroes for various play styles—and strategic depth they’ll find satisfying. The third-person perspective puts the emphasis on movement and action. Players leap, dodge, and sprint across the battlefield, then unleash a devastating combo… before scurrying to cover as the enemy guardian draws near.


The Gigantic closed beta for Windows 10 and Xbox One will start on August 28 and will be available every weekend after that. More details about exact days and times the servers will be available, special events that are planned, and fun stuff happening throughout the closed beta will be available on and will also be sent to invitees via email, so watch your inbox.


To sign up for a chance to play the beta click here.

Closed beta brings with it new technical requirements for PC players: You’ll need to install the new Windows 10 64-bit operating system, a free download from Microsoft, and have a video card that is DirectX 11 compatible.

Key Game Features:

● Choose Your Own Guardian​. A mystical bond connects the players to their guardian, a magical
behemoth too powerful for a single mortal to defeat. Each guardian has its own attacks and
behaviors, and players must protect their guardian to win the battle.
● Level Up on the Fly​. As the battle rages, players choose newer, stronger abilities and adapt to
the changing battle. One player might learn to deflect projectiles as she rides a lightning bolt
into battle, while another gains a fire attack that triggers whenever he leaps into the fray.
● Fantastic Visual Style​. Players are at the heart of a vibrant fantasy world, where airships soar
over ancient ruins and an empire is theirs for the taking.
● Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master​. Familiar WASD controls are easy for new players to learn,
but rapid-fire tactics and deep strategy keep the challenges fresh.
● Content Updates Deliver New Gameplay Experiences​. Gigantic is a living game, with frequent
content updates ensuring there’s always something new to master. And “freedom to play”
means players can experience Gigantic without dropping a dime


Check out the E3 trailer to see the action –

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