King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember Chapter One Review

This fantastic new episodic tale King’s Quest: A Knight To Remember puts you in the shoes of our would be hero Graham. His adventures are brought to life in what I have to say is one of the best ways possible: Bedtime stories told to his over-active granddaughter Gwendolyn! The narration is perfect, giving you the feeling you’re not just playing a game, but actually having the bedtime story told to you instead! The older version of Graham is brilliantly voiced by veteran actor Christopher Lloyd, better known for the role of Doc in the Back to the Future films! The range of his voice work here is all at once awe inspiring and impressive. It works best during the little puns and jokes the elder Graham sneaks in to explain an accidental death. The perfect blend between action, adventure and story is evident from the start when Graham is thrown into a stealth mission to steal back a legendary mirror from a 1 eyed dragon, If you’re thinking what I’m thinking then yes, this is the way every epic tale should be told!


This reboot of the much loved series will appeal to new players and veterans alike. You’re not given much direction in this story but, to be honest, with adventure games like this it’s better to find your own way! The warmth and humour comes from the way it’s told by the older King Graham giving King’s Quest a real feeling of Disney magic (a feeling I would love to have more often playing games). Because of that I connected to characters and the world immediately. Graham is on a quest to become a legendary Knight of Daventry. It is evident from the start that this quest is going to be fraught with danger and puzzles Graham wouldn’t believe. In order for Graham to become a Knight he would first need to outwit four other candidates for an open knight position.


There are major story-altering choices within the fun and too. The few I did encounter gave the story a real feel of individuality as you dictate the direction of the story towards your desired outcome, whether that be Graham as a hero or a very lucky coward. Others, such as an early decision as to whether to kill a dragon may have rippling effects on the later episodes, but there’s no way to know yet. A lot of care and attention has gone into the land of Daventry. There are small fragments of lore that can be found which go far beyond the core story, so be sure to look out for them!

The puzzle element is a great credit to the games mechanics as none of them are particularly hard or stressful but really bring the humour and world together, the ones that did stump me seemed painfully obvious after I completed them. Again, you’re on your own; no clues pop up indicating that you’re supposed to use this or that object with this or that NPC. To use an item or hand it over you’ll have to select the object from your inventory after the dialogue is over. It seemed awkward at first, but I later I realized that much of the challenge and experience would be lost with any kind of hints.


Everything is beautiful about  King’s Quest; even simple things like the way young Graham’s cloak flutters in the wind realistically as he shifts directions and hops over obstacles. It has a real hand painted feeling to the backgrounds as they stretch far into the distance. There’s not one part of the environment throughout the whole story that doesn’t evoke some feeling of awe. It’s important to know that King’s Quest doesn’t even allow quick travel but that this doesn’t matter much as it really allows you to soak up every scene of this well crafted tale.

The first episode took me around 5 hours to complete which, if I’m honest, pleasantly shocked me! Usually with episodic games like this, each episode will take around 1-2 hours to complete so King’s Quest really shows that games like this can challenge AAA games regarding length. I did miss an achievement which usually I wouldn’t mind but in this case it gave me a reason to go back and enjoy this outstanding story even more!

I strongly suggest to pick this up from Xbox Live Store today!

Watch the first part of Kings Quest gameplay below:

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