Forza Horizon 2 gets Free Car Pack

If you are a fan of the Forza franchise and are looking to expand your garage collection in Forza Horizon 2, then look no further. That’s right, in celebration of Gamescom 2015, the Playground Select Car pack is free until August 11. Here are some screenshots of the cars you’ll be receiving with this car pack.

Now to collect your free car pack, just must go to the Forza Hub app on Xbox One. Once the app is opened click on the Playground Select Car Pack story, then click the Get it Free button. From there, you’ll be taken to the Marketplace where you can download the pack for free. Note that if you go to the Marketplace and find the offer by any other method, you will see the pack, but you won’t be able to redeem the pack. The only way you can get the pack between August 4 and August 11 is via the Forza Hub app on Xbox One. After August 11, the pack will be available for sale for $5 (approxametly £3.21) on the Marketplace. That price may be higher or lower as it’s based off the exchange rate currently.

If the screenshots weren’t enough, here is the trailer for this too.

I personally think this car pack is full of great cars, but I also want to hear your thoughts and opinions on this too! Drop us a comment and if you would like to stay up to date with any news regarding Forza Horizon 2, Gamescom or Xbox, you can do this by keeping it locked with us over on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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