Viva El Presidente! Tropico 5 Confirmed for Xbox One

Citizens of Tropico rejoice! You asked, and your beloved leader listened.

That’s right, the wait is finally over as El Presidente has declared that Tropico 5 is confirmed to launch on Xbox One in spring 2016! Not only will fans of the bearded despot be able to get to their hands on the latest instalment of the highly acclaimed dictator sim for their Xbox One console, but they will also receive exclusive extra content.

Tropico 5 allows the player to manage their country from its historical foundation in the colonial era, through the World Wars, and up to the cold war and present. The two main superpowers change in each era, from the Axis and Allied Factions into the United States and Soviet Union during the cold war, opening trade routes with Russia, Middle East, China and EU following the collapse of the Soviet Union. As leader, you can decide your country’s independence and write a full constitution.

Until further information surrounding the visual side of the game on the Xbox one is released, check out these shots from the Xbox 360 version alongside the original Tropico 5 gameplay trailer from 2014.

The Tropico 5 Xbox One Edition will contain the full version of the game plus all of the following add-ons ‘Bayo del Ofato’, ‘Big Cheese’, ‘Mad World’, ‘Generalissimo’, ‘Joint Venture’

Not only will you get the above, you will also get your hands on the first expansion pack ‘Waterborne’ and five new, exclusive Xbox One sandbox maps as well as a new controller-optimised user interface and of course Xbox Live Achievements. That’s a lot of content for your Tropician dollars!

The Tropico 5 Xbox One Edition will launch in spring 2016 and more information on the title will follow soon. Keep up to date with all the latest Tropico news on the official website or like them on Facebook.

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