Monthly Archive: July 2015

Hulk Hogan Paid DLC Removed & Delisted for WWE 2k16

Remember in the 90’s when “Hulkamania” was a thing? Not me, i was like 0-10 years old during the 90’s but i hear it was a thing. Well turns out that the bandana wearing, handle bar mustache growing, Hulk Hogan is a racist bigot. Who knew. Apparently it was pillow talk during a sex-tape. Needless to say i’ve definitely not googled that. So here’s a friendly warning, just don’t, i don’t know but I’m pretty sure it will weird me out. So with this news WWE have released Hulk Hogan, he is no longer listed on their website and so … Read More »

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Bosses Can Be Talked To Death

Square Enix’s upcoming game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will have a new, rather novel way of defeating bosses. It will be possible for players to engage the bosses in a conversation and it will be possible to beat them that way. Gameplay director for Square Enix, Patrick Fortier has been talking about the different options in playing style that the developer has been working on to allow players more of a choice in how they play the game. He also said that the bosses were more balanced this time around meaning that the choices that players make in how they … Read More »

Dragon Age: Inquisition The Spoils Of Qunari Released

Fans of EA’s Dragon Age: Inquisition will be pleased to learn that on Tuesday the latest piece of DLC was quietly released. With little more than a tweet to inform fans The Spoils Of Qunari was launched.   Bring a touch of Par Vollen style to your Inquisition: — Dragon Age (@dragonage) July 21, 2015 This will be the first piece of DLC to be released solely on Xbox One and not the Xbox 360. All future DLC will be released the same way as well. The official description reads “Ride across Thedas atop an armored war mount and … Read More »

Elder Scrolls Online will get the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild next year

The Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild will become available to Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited players in the first half of 2016, coming in two separate expansion packs. Although there are no details beyond the announcement as to exactly what can be expected, ESO‘s director, Matt Firor, has stated that more details will be available early 2016. We can take a guess that the Dark Brotherhood expansion may involve the founding of the guild though, as ESO takes place during the Second Era, when the Brotherhood was first set up. Speaking on a panel during QuakeCon 2015, Firor explained that ZeniMax Media – … Read More »

Bungie Weekly Update – 24/07/2015

This week at Bungie they are serving up a small preview of the arsenal that’s waiting for you in The Taken King, see what they had to say below – At its heart, Destiny is a shooter. You want to journey to the stars and reclaim your lost worlds from hostile takeover? A Guardian can’t solve every problem with space magic. You’ll need guns. The Taken King features the largest armory any Guardian has ever seen, and that includes the original launch of the game last year. This isn’t just an arms deal, though. Our designers have been hard at working … Read More »

Xbox One Fall Dashboard Update

Of all the features that Microsoft has added to the Xbox One since release – including support for external hard drives, dedicated servers for Party Chat and even backwards compatibility in the next few months – there’s been one common complaint surrounding the user interface. That is, it’s rather slow. We don’t even mean it should be loading up in two seconds rather than three. Oftentimes there can be quite the delay in launching an app, ranging several seconds, and that extends to generally navigating the user interface as well. However, it seems all that will finally change when the … Read More »

Minecraft Gets An Ancient Greek Skin Pack

Fans of ancient Greek culture and Minecraft can delight in the announcement that an ancient Greek skin pack has been released for Minecraft in all of its blocky glory. For just £3.19 the new Greek Mythology Mashup pack can be downloaded from the Xbox Store. As well as the custom texture set, new UI, and 39 brand new skins there is also an original soundtrack from Gareth Cocker. The new skins include: Satyr Cyclops Minotaur Hephaestus Erinyes Medusa Helen of Troy Minos Harpy Dryad Cerberus Siren Spartoi Prometheus Hydra Heracles Achilles Theseus Odysseus Perseus Jason Zeus Hades Aphrodite Poseidon Apollo … Read More »

Interview with John Warner, Director of The Fall

On 14th July The Fall, Over The Moon Games’ debut title, landed on Xbox One. Set on an unknown planet, The Fall puts players in the futuristic combat suit boots of the A.I. ARID, tasked with one mission: to find medical aid for her pilot. A dark setting that oozes atmosphere, a mixture of adventure game puzzles and action, as well as a story that explores key science fiction themes and is as mysterious as it is compelling, The Fall is a game well worth your attention. John Warner is the founder of Over The Moon Games and the lead developer and director of The Fall. I … Read More »

New August update available July 25th

A new update for the August preview is being released to all Preview participants beginning at 11AM PT on 7/25. This update contains a fix for an issue users reported with disconnecting from Xbox Live.       HOW TO GET IT If your console is in Instant-On mode, it will download and install the update and reboot to standby. NOTE: Once the update is available to your wave (Today is only available to the initial wave), you can manually begin the update by navigating to Settings > System and selecting System Update. If your console hasn’t downloaded and installed the update by 1:00AM PT … Read More »

Latest Competition

Xbox One UK Elgato HD60s Competition

Thanks to our sponsor Elgato Gaming, we have a fantastic HD60s Capture Card which will be won by one lucky Xbox One UK visitor.

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