Xbox Summer Spotlight Digital Showcase

Today MajorNelson released a press statement about Microsofts upcoming slate of new digital titles being released in a month long event called Xbox Summer Spotlight.

Microsoft have announced that 25 new games will be making their way to the Xbox store over the next month. Some of these games include ‘Kings Quest, Smite, The Swindle and the release of the popular free to play MMO World Of Tanks. The confirmed release dates for differant games so far are as follows.

28 July:
World of Tanks (pre-download)

29 July:
King’s Quest (pre-order King’s Quest : The Complete Collection)
Squid Hero for Kinect (coming soon)

31 July:
Magic Duels: Origins (coming soon)

Microsoft really want to push the amount of games exclusive to their Xbox Store in order to encourage digital purchases rather than retail ones. They are promising that there will be games of all differant genres to suit gamers of all calibres.

The Xbox Summer Spotlight will run from July 29th- August 31st exclusively on Xbox One.


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