Xbox One Mouse & Keyboard Support Coming Soon

The Xbox One will soon have support for both keyboard and mouse inputs, according to Xbox head Phil Spencer.

Spencer revealed the Xbox One’s future support of being able to use a keyboard and mouse as a response on Twitter. A Twitter user asked him if it would be possible to stream the Windows 10 desktop to the Xbox One, which Spencer liked the idea, but another user pointed out the console would need mouse support. Spencer’s response follows:


The Xbox One currently supports keyboards, although without mouse support, there’s no way to play games that would support both a mouse & keyboard. While controllers have been able to deliver a good experience for the majority of game genres, there are just some, such as real-time strategy and traditional MOBAs, that can only comfortable be played with a mouse & keyboard, Halo Wars on the 360 was a good attempt at a strategy game, but you always felt it would have been much easier with the mouse & keyboard.

What do you think about this news? Are you hoping for full on support to allow you to play FPS games like this? Would you want to play against someone using a M&K if you were using a controller? Would it even work with the “Couch Experience” that consoles inherently come with. I welcome the support, and for me it would be great for games such as ESO or any other MMO that comes to the Xbox One, they could finally re-enable chat!

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7 thoughts on “Xbox One Mouse & Keyboard Support Coming Soon”

  1. Be good if joystick was added as well

  2. And what’s the betting that you won’t just be able to use an ordinary mouse and keyboard, it will be a ‘ special xbox ‘ mouse and keyboard that cost twice as much ?

  3. Phil Lucas says:

    Great for first-person shooters! Awesome news!

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