Sacred Agony Kickstarter Campaign

“Sacred Agony” is a survival horror game, where the player takes control of various souls, with the ability to possess creatures and people on its path. The goal of the game is to bring back memories, and escape from hell. The player in his journey will visit four completely different environments. The game will debut on Xbox One and other formats next year, with an estimated release date of December 2016.


The player will begin his journey as tormented soul, without any memories about his past.  You will have the ability to control people on his path, and even simple minded demons, giving the player the necessary measures to survive in those extreme conditions. By exploring the hostile environment, and talking with the weary men, the hero will soon understand that there is only one way to escape from Hell, and it will require a meeting of the mystical Red Goddess, who rules this segment of hell.


The player has ability to choose from three different forms, which will all completely change gameplay experiences. From weak human to almost immortal, powerful demon? Why not!

Ethereal soul

Playing in this form, makes player temporarily immortal, and give him ability to take control of people and demons. He can levitate and become invisible for enemies.


Taking control of the humans, will be main part of the game. In this form, players need to be careful, and move in silence. Martyr  can use torches, swim under water, holding his breath, solving puzzles and even making traps. He also have ability to discover secret chambers, finding hidden painting and collectibles, and he have special stealth movement.
The Martyr has the weakest body that player can control, so he is forced to hide from powerful demons and he must be careful at every step


Controlling this strong, almost immortal creature is hard, but gives many abilities needed to make progress. Demons can collect hearts, and this gives tem one chance to overcome death. As an example, player can fall from an huge mountain and hit the ground. But if he has at least one heart collected, he can survive this.
Demon is very fast and aggressive creature, which can use telekinesis and his own hands, to kill anyone on its path.

The player can also upgrade his abilities in three main parameters:
Sound – reduce sound that player makes as a Martyr,
Breath – increase amount of time that player can play without taking a breath (useful for swimming and hiding),
Defence – give an option to survive attacks from weaker demons.

So what are your thoughts of this ambitious title, the goal is quite a stretch considering the amount of money people have dropped on Shemnue 3 recently. If they can pull it off, I love a Survival Horror game as much as any game, so colour me excited to see what they can achieve over the next 30 days. Head over to their Kickstarter page to see more.

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