Dark Souls 3’s Combat Is Changing

Fans of the Dark Souls series will be getting excited for the latest round of punishment in the form of Dark Souls 3. Developer Free Software have said that this won’t be the last game in the franchise but it will be the most efficient RPG the Japanese studio have ever created.

The PS4 sensation Bloodborne has had a large influence on the development of Dark Souls 3, not least in regards to the combat system. Combat in general has been sped up, in particular the back step and the swinging of longswords.

This speeding up of the combat system is also evident in the weapon set. A scimitar is available that can be used to duel wield opening up a whole host of new moves. This includes one that is a spin attack that allows for up to four enemies to be slain. This move, given the highly original name of the Spin Attack, is made possible due to a new mechanic that gives the player a new stance to enter allowing for these new moves.darksouls4

Not all of the emphasis has been put on hard-hitting attacks though, there is also an option for a short bow to quickly take small chunks of an opponents health away. This shows that the new developments have been added to give a wider ranges of choices to the players attacking style.

Dark Souls 3 will be released on Xbox One in early 2016.

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