Soccer Rage Trailers ID@Xbox

Soccer Rage was announced back with a group of ID@Xbox games at E3, and since then we have had little to update us about what the game is all about or what it will offer.

Now we have three new trailers for the game to share with you. The first is a basic introduction to the game, explaining the basics of soccer (if you didn’t already know) and how Soccer Rage changes them slightly.

The second video talks you through the simplistic movement for the game.

The third and final trailer shows off the different passes your players will be able to perform in the game.

Soccer Rage is set to come to Xbox One in October later this year via the ID@Xbox Platform.

So what are your thoughts on this game? Soccer Rage slipped past me at E3, but reminds me a bit of Fifa Street with some crazy fighting thrown in, which is only a good thing! Roll on October for the bloodbath to commence. Whoever is doing the voice-over work for their Video’s, has the best accent I have ever heard, enjoy the videos and let us know what you think.

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