Get Your Hands On The Solus Project At Gamescom

For four days from August 5th Cologne will be taken over by Gamescon. At the event GRIP Digital s.r.o and Teotl Studios will be giving people the chance to play their jointly developed game Solus Project. The game will be released as a console exclusive through the ID@Xbox self publishing program.

After been a big hit at this years E3 show, Solus Project will be playable at the Microsoft booth at Gamescom. Teotl founder  Sjoerd De Jong will also be there for all of the four days for interviews.solus2

Solus Project sees you stranded on an alien planet complete with harsh environments that you are challenged to survive in. All the time you have to try to find a way to send a signal home, you also happen to have to save the human race while you’re at it.

Solus Project will be released early 2016 and will be the first game released by the joint partnership Teotl Studios and GRIP Digital s.r.o.

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