Nova-111 coming to Xbox One Next Year

Nova-111, a game by Funktronic Labs, will be making its way to Xbox One next year.

The game is a turn based adventure/ real time puzzle game developed by former developers of the critically acclaimed Pixeljunk series and will be released on 25th August, on PC/Mac, with consoles to come next year. Below is the announcement trailer for the game.

The idea of the game is that you control a little orange spaceship called “Nova” and navigate through multiple puzzles and challenges that each planet throws your way, including battling creatures along the way; all in a 2D style backdrop that looks rather stunning if I do say so myself! This is another game released using the already brilliant ID@Xbox program, which has already launched some amazing games on the Xbox One console, and many more to come in due course. No price has been announced for the game as of yet, but this information will no doubt come in due course.

nova111-world3 nova111-05-w1 nova111-05 nova111-fire

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