Fermi’s Path Coming Soon ID@XBox

GameArt Studio today announced the release of Fermi’s Path, an action-packed and music-driven arcade game on Xbox One for summer 2015.

Fermi’s Path is a classic arcade game for the Xbox One all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. Players need skill, quick reactions and a good feeling for the rhythm of the beat when they steer the small particle called Fermi on a voyage through the colourful subatomic worlds while avoiding obstacles and fighting incoming particles.


In addition to the many and ever faster and harder getting levels, Fermi’s Path also offers an Infinite mode in which the game can be played in an open-end high-score.

This game has a massive mix of feels for me, with a bit of Rez & Frequency for its music rhythems along with a 3D part of the start of Spore. Overall, another cute Indie Game produced through the ID@Xbox Program, which can only be a good thing, more developers stretching their wings will give us some great games. What do you think, what does it remind you of? Are you looking forward to more ID@XBox titles coming out?

Fermi’s Path will be available on Xbox One during summer 2015 in the USA via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program, no UK release date as of yet, but I would assume in the next few months.

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