Tales Of The Borderlands Episode One Review

Tales of Borderlands is a game I have been waiting to play for quite some time, having enjoyed the comedy and the characters of the original games far more than the shooting element. This was a must play for me.

Tales takes place in the Borderlands universe, on the planet Pandora. Long-standing fables of a Vault containing vast treasures on Pandora has drawn numerous “Vault Hunters” to the planet, as well as the corporate interests of the Hyperion corporation who maintain military-like control of the planet from an orbiting base. The game occurs after the events of Borderlands 2; Hyperion’s long-standing president, Handsome Jack, has been killed by the most recent Vault Hunter arrivals, and it has been discovered that there are numerous other Vaults scattered throughout the galaxy, leading to a search for more Vault Keys that can open these.


This is where we meet Rhys and the plot for the episode is set up. He is hoping to get the promotion of a lifetime in Hyperion, when he finds his former boss has been replaced and murdered by his nemesis Vasquez, who demotes him to janitor. Overhearing Vasquez making a dodgy deal for a Vault Key priced at a whopping ten million dollars, Rhys and his co-workers, Vaughn and Yvette, plan to make a deal to get the Vault Key first, using Hyperion funds to do so. Rhys and Vaughn arrive on Pandora, but soon run into trouble with a few local bandits. After politely killing everyone with a Loader bot sent by Yvette, they meet with the dealers, August and Sasha, to trade for the Vault Key. They are unaware that Fiona and Sasha, who are sisters, have created a fake Vault Key, and used August’s reputation to capture Vasquez’ interest. Just as Rhys, Vaughn and August discover the Vault Key is a fake, the meeting is crashed by a fight between Bossanova (a crazy bandito) and Zer0 (a vault hunter familiar to those who played Borderlands 1). Bossanova grabs the briefcase with the money and flees, and Rhys and Vaughn take shelter with Felix (step dad to Fiona and Sasha). Fiona and Sasha to track down the money, with neither side trusting the other. Rhys attempts to use a Hyperion ID drive, which he retrieved earlier from the corpse of former Hyperion employee Professor Nakayama at the deal location, but it causes him to black out and so the fun begins!

Telltale have nailed it again by brining another fantastic franchise to life with their trademark episodic style. The gameplay element is outstanding! Telltale have kept to a simple selection of timed multiple choice answers that can effect how the story plays out or how the characters respond to you throughout the rest of the series. Not going to lie, I nearly quit a few times to redo a question I thought I totally got wrong! and if answering tough questions wasn’t hard enough for you, there is also a timer to each question. But don’t worry,  you get used to making tough choices very quickly on….I promise! Borderlands is known for its whackie characters (you may see some characters you recognise), brilliant whit, comedy and over the top FPS action, so to see these unique characters in more of a story driven, funny as hell game is brilliant. The characters are well polished with an abundance of sarcasm and it doesn’t take long for you to feel attached to all the main characters. The great thing about Tales is you don’t need to play any of the previous Borderlands games to appreciate this wonderful series and story.


Graphically I found Tales one of the better games from Telltales collection without any glitchy cut scenes or buggy issues I found with a couple of the previous games (Wolf Among Us). One slight glitch while your answering a very important question can really ruin the experience. The music is right out of the previous Borderlands which for me I felt right at home and for a newcomer to the Borderlands series the music really helps give depth and gravity to each chapter.

This episode took me only 2.5 hours to complete which is fine by me. I enjoyed every minute of it and  knowing there more episodes to come is great. 2.5 hours per episode is perfect.

Episode 1-3 are out today so pop along to Xbox Live and pick up each episode for £3.99

Watch some gameplay to see for yourself:

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