Game of Thrones: A Nest of Vipers Episode 5 Screens

A new set of screens for Telltale Game’s Game of Throne’s series has been released along with the title, A Nest of Vipers. Lets take a look at the screens below –

We start with very tense looking Mira talking to Cersei. As fans of the series will know Cersei isn’t exactly someone you want to cross, has she found out some information about what Mira has been up to?


Next we see Mira talking to Tyrion in a cell. What has the imp been up to this time to get himself there? (although I can see he has managed to find a way get some drink, as usual!)


We cross the seas to Asher in fighting pits. He must have really displeased the mother of dragons to find himself there! Who could his opponent be?


Errrr could this possibly be his opponent, gulp! I can see he has a nice collection of ‘friends’ on the side to cheer him on!


Here Asher is sailing towards a very dirty dreary looking place, with even the sunshine struggling to improve the look of the place. Is this before or after his battle above?


Fans of the series, myself included, have been waiting expectantly for episode 5. The last few episodes were 2 months apart give or take a day, with episode 4 being released on 27th May. Telltale yesterday released the images along with a tweet stating ‘ready for download later this month’, which is great news for us waiting for our Game of Thrones fix!



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Hannah Nichols

Gamer, geek and mum of 2. Social Media Manager and occasional reviewer!

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