Batman Arkham Knight: Matter Of Family Out Now

Today sees the launch of the latest DLC pack for Batman Arkham Knight ‘Matter Of Family’. Developed by Warner Bros Montreal famous for developing Batman Arkham Origins the story follows Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) as she attempts to rescue her father from the Joker.


The DLC follows Batgirl as she attempts to rescue her dad Commissioner Jim Gordon from the clutches of The Joker and Harley Quinn. However Batgirl will not be able to rely on Batman for backup this time as the Joker threatens to kill her father if he shows up. Desperate Batgirl calls in Robin to assist her in saving her father.

Gameplay wise this DLC varies greatly from the normal Arkham experience as Batgirl is not as built up and robust as Batman is therefore she must rely on her intelligence and agility to defeat her foes. Players must use Batgirls hacking abilities to take down enemies, solve puzzles and ultimately save Commissioner Gordon from The Joker.

The Matter Of Family pack is available to download now if you are a season pass holder, it will be available for purchase from the 21st of July onwards for £5.79 on the Xbox Store.

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