Beyond Flesh & Blood: Backstory 2

A few weeks ago we gave you a first backstory for Beyond Flesh and Blood which is a 3rd person mech-action, story led shooter with horror and gore overtones.

See here to read that first story.

Below is the next back story which is 6 years later than the previous. A grand unveiling of something that is expected to change things on Earth for the better, but will it?  –


Announcing The Dawn


“They will liberate us. They will free us. No more human loss,” Fowler said, his voice dropping lower as if anticipating something larger.

“Today, we unveil the latest technology for military defense: the Trooper 0.1.” A decimal point, followed by a split second’s silence ended by a silk sheet whipped quickly away from a large secret.

As you know, the world changed here after the most recent Communications Act from the Deansgate ThinkTank.

The research has taught us: robotics is not to be feared. Robotics is not our enemy. Robotics is the answer to construction, to defense, to efficiency and to exploring this universe, as per our blood born right. The Trooper 0.1 is the affordable reality for anyone who cared enough the secure their world.

In the past, we would use soldiers, human lives, sons and daughters to protect the hard-won technocracy we hold so dear, which enables us to lead easy and busy, rich lives. We used to allow reigns of blood and terror and death that were beyond any understandings or negotiations. You cannot negotiate freedom with flesh.

This World requests a shield from evil, in dreams and in our reality. Our survival depends on patience and strength. Metal is our ally. Metal provides that strength.

Mechs and super-robots were an expense for fools, a character in a fantasy play, a science with a fiction.

Not anymore.

This is Sinclair’s Oyster Bar, it is a real place in Manchester and is the oldest pub in the city (I have also reliably been informed a favorite place to drink for a certain Project Lead/Coder!).

And this concept art shows the levels of destruction that occurs, what could this towering building have been before this happened? Oh and make sure to mind your step! –


Don’t forget to say hi to Frank: Sergeant, stoic in post-apocalyptic battle. Hard work beats short cuts and privilege –


Check out the recent E3 Announcement video –

Beyond Flesh and Blood will be available on Xbox at the end of 2015.

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