Spectra Review

Back to the 80s is a nice tag line for this brand new ID@Xbox title. Spectra gives you all the aspects of a great 80s game with a modern feel!

When you first start up Spectra you get Chipzels awesome dance music blaring. This, for me, is a win! I loved this about the older generation games as it always seemed to give you the feeling of being on a timer and made you rush to complete the level! Spectra not only gives you that pressure to want to complete the level ASAP but also challenges you each track! Ask anyone who knows me, I hate not being able to complete a level without collecting everything in sight. Spectra doesn’t just make that hard to do but nearly impossible (which is keeping me coming back again and again)!

Spectra as a whole is a very simple game with minimal controls and track layouts (my Mrs would love it!) but just because this game has simple controls and looks simple doesn’t make it so. Oh no no! In fact it’s far from simple. It’s outright bloody hard as nails (but this is  reason to love it). The aim is to complete the track as fast as possible while getting the highest score so you can outshine and outclass your friends (my sort of game) but doing that is a whole different thing! You need to swerve and slide between the obstructions to keep your points up. Sounds easy right? Nope! The timing and speed you need to rock your swerving skills is minimal, giving you a very small margin of error, and that’s the brilliance of Spectra!


Spectra’s graphics are crystal clear. Even though its a arcade 8bit style game with a basic design, Spectra still shows quality HD graphics with butter smooth movements to the max!

As mentioned previously, Spectra has Chipzels (Super Hexagon, Size does matter) dance music included which I love. For those who don’t know who Chipzel is; Chipzel is the alias of Niamh Houston, a London based independent chip-musician from Northern Ireland who indulges in the use of Gameboys to create energetic, melodic dance tracks. Chipzel creates fantastic music for games such as Spectra. Many people may think the game has been made around Chipzels music but I actually think they work really well together to create this face paced arcade game that will want you coming back for more!


Spectra has 10 tracks to play so longevity isn’t it’s strength but the competitive side comes out in this game. I felt throughout my time with Spectra I was always checking the high scores to make sure I was top (I’m not competitive…promise!) Hell, this is why we play these games, simply to be top, right? So even though there are a handful of levels (literally) the replay value is in wanting to be the best and knock all your smug friends off of the top spot (yes there is always 1 that calls you to tell you he has beaten your score at 3am last night!)Spectra is available from today from Xbox Live marketplace for only £5.99!

Watch my video below:

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