Microsoft To Skip The Tokyo Game Show

It’s fair to say that the Xbox One is not popular in Japan. Microsoft launched the console there in September and so far they have only sold a little over 53,000 units.

Last year Microsoft had one of the largest booths at the Tokyo Game Show. This year however, they aren’t going to be there at all. When they didn’t appear on the preliminary list of exhibitors rumour started to fly that they wouldn’t be gracing the show with their presence. This has now been confirmed by Famitsu who managed to get an official comment from Microsoft.

“In 2015, we’ll continue to release an attractive line-up Xbox titles, including exclusive games. This year we will not exhibit at Tokyo Game Show, but we’re preparing a variety of initiatives to convey the latest news to Xbox fans and to the media. As soon as the details are set, we’ll let you know about them”xboxone

There is speculation that although not having a presence at the Tokyo show Microsoft will host its own press event for the Japanese market. This would be far cheaper than having a booth at the Tokyo Game Show thus minimising losses in what is a tough market for the company.

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