The Fall – July 14 – Over The Moon

The Fall is an indie game due on July 14th 2015 by developers Over the Moon – comprising of an old school style side-scroller with a action filled puzzle solver.

the fall body image

Funded through a kick starter program, the games central plot revolves around A.R.I.D “an artificial intelligence on-board a futuristic combat suit,” Fighting to keep her unconscious passenger alive. You must collect items, fight hordes of enemies, solve puzzles though the items you find on your travels and survive ‘The Caretaker’ another A.I that has Scheduled you for decomission.

This will be the second installment of the series with the first ‘Episode’ being release on Steam last year and a third due in the future.

The game Looks to be a dark attention steal-er that will have you getting up earlier to fit in 10 more minutes.

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