Gear Gauntlet – Coming Soon

Time for some rage induced fun

We’ve all had this feeling as a gamer, that feeling which says this I’ll master this game without even breaking a sweat. We all then get that secondary feeling just seconds afterwards, the feeling that now says this game WILL NOT beat me. But as gamers we love these two feelings and ,oh boy, do we have an epic ID@XBOX title heading our way this summer.

Welcome to ‘Gear Gauntlet’, a hand drawn masterpiece that is really easy on the eyes. Prepare to have your patience tested to previously unknown limits through ever more punishing gauntlets while boosting, teleporting, reversing and rotating to survive. Use cat-like reflexes to smash through coloured barriers and earn your place on the leaderboard, for your pleasure a soundtrack that’s equally as cool as the game will accompany you through the journey.


  • Amazing hand drawn art.
  • Bespoke soundtrack from Stephen Matthew White
  • Over 80 plus individual leaderboards that track best scores and times.
  • Integrated achievements system.
  • Hours of raging fun with loads of replay value



So who is behind this beautiful, yet rage making, gem? Say hello to Nottingham based Drop Dead Interactive (DDI), a UK based small indie game studio made up of Jay Adeloye and Steve Smith. Gaming is a passion these two have had throughout their lives, although they have very different backgrounds they joined forces and ended up at same juncture. Jay’s background and education stems from software development with game design and programming where as Steve comes from filmography and media. Check out the trailer below for a taster of a game we will both love and rage over:

There we are, details of ‘Gear Gauntlet’ for you all. What’s your thoughts and will you be getting it, I think there’s nothing better than a good rage game every now and then so will definetly be added to my collection.


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Chris 'whyayemincepie' Nash

Gamer dad to three kids, we all act the same age and wouldn't have it any other way. Also managed to get myself the most amazing wife that loves gaming too, plus she puts up with me and my funny charms.

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