Castles releasing on Xbox One this September

Castles is an upcoming release from WhootGames and is being published by Badland Indie. Castles was very popular with the fans and was greenlit in just 11 days.

Castles tells a story about an ambitious King Harold, Whose greatest achievement will be the construction of the tower you have been tasked with building. As the tower grows taller and taller, more and more challenges along with it. With the jealous and vengeful King Edmund, King Harold’s nemesis and the unpredictable weather the challenge gets more and more difficult and may thwart your progress or constructing this tower.

The game features three different game modes including a story mode, survival and also a competitive mode, which can be enjoyed individually or in multiplayer. There are more than 50 levels of randomized game-play in story mode, which means you will never play the same game twice. Each player will control an engineer, rather than control the blocks themselves, creating a unique game-play experience. Engineers must match three or more blocks of tools or colours in order to achieve each levels goals. The 7×7 grid allows engineers to move around the perimeter of the central 5×5 grid where the blocks are falling from above. The weather includes snow, wind, fog and storms which challenge the engineers as they work non stop through day and night. King Edmund’s minions will try to stop you every step of the way with their menacing machinery trying to bring the tower to its demise.

There will be seven different kinds of materials and seven different kinds of tools available to make your combinations. The materials will include water, brick, grass, sand, stone, wood and gem. The tools will include; a shovel, pickaxe, hammer, bucket, saw, anvil and ladder. Each combination will earn you points, but to complete the level you must achieve the goals set.

Castles is set to release on the 15th of September 2015 on Xbox One.

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