Superman and Suicide Squad Games Rumored?

Yesterday Warner Bros. Montreal announced 15 staff vacancies needed to be filled for an upcoming current gen title which you can read more about by clicking here. Today however it appears the exact game they are working on may have been revealed. Users discovered a leaked image of what appears to be a main menu for a game based on the man of steel himself Superman.



The image features a render of Superman’s appearance from the new 52 line of comic books. What adds a bit of credibility to this image is that particular style has not been rendered into game format apart from in Injustice God’s Among Us however the skin was very different in that game. Rocksteady studios recent release Batman Arkham Knight also makes several blatant references to Superman from subtle remarks made by conversing thugs to bigger hints such as the presence of LexCorp in Gotham. However the picture is not completely legible on its own as their are a few discrepancies. For One the control imputs shown on the screen are those of the Xbox 360. Warner Bros Montreal specifically stated their upcoming title is current gen only so what could this mean. Perhaps this game has been in development for many years and what we are seeing is a version once developed for the last generation of consoles which does not discredit a Superman game at all. The text shown on the screen however is very similar to another superhero game Deadpool which was released in 2013. Perhaps this image is a mod for Deadpool however I feel we would have come across this before now if that was the case. Superman is not the only rumored superhero that WB Montreal are developing a game for however. Recently a report surfaced implying that WB Montreal are working on a game for  the Suicide Squad.


Now the idea of a Suicide Squad game being in development has been running around the internet for a long time now. Ever since the post credit scene of Batman Arkham Origins in which Deathstroke is recruited by Amanda Waller into the Suicide Squad fans have been heavily speculating that they are working on a spin off from the Arkham series. In my opinion this may be more likely than a Superman game. The reason for this is that in Batman Arkham Knight SPOILER ALERT!!! you get to once again take on Deathstroke and during your battle with him he states that you would not believe all the employment opportunites he got from Batman imprisoning him all those years ago. The premise of the Suicide Squad is that they carry out so called impossible missions for the US Goverment in exchange for reduced prison sentences if successful. This would explain why Deathstroke was not present in Arkham Asylum and City as he would have been off working with the Squad under Amanda Waller. To add further credibility to this idea Warner Bros are currently working on a film adaptation of the Suicide Squad and I feel this may tie in with that in some way it is all speculation at this point remember.

So guys which would you rather see made Superman or The Suicide Squad for further news check out Xbox One Uk over the coming months.

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