Lost Sea coming to Xbox One this Year

Lost Sea is a 3D strategy action game that takes place inside a procedurally generated archipelago. The player (you) must search and form a crew from survivors, you also have to search and find necessary resources to build your ship and escape the well-known Bermuda Triangle.

The game is set inside a cartoon B-movie universe, you have to become the hero after a flight over the Atlantic ocean turns into a disastrous nightmare. The world in Lost sea can be beautiful but yet unforgivably dangerous as each island has its own landmarks, a wide variety of deadly and exotic creatures and powerful relics that can be used to the players advantage. Often wits, as well as combat skills, are needed to survive.

Lost Sea also promises to bring player abilities and special move progression upgrades, scavenging and rescue missions and secret support totems to find and activate. The survivors you recruit in your crew will each have their own abilities which will help you in the missions, as you will be able to forge the correct skill set for each mission. But you will need to protect your crew as once they are gone, they will be gone forever!

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Some of the game features include:

  • Explore a procedurally generated archipelago with millions of unique island combinations.
  • Discover a wide range of dangerous critters with their own behavior patterns.
  • Learn powerful new player abilities and special moves as you progress.
  • Rescue and recruit new crew members each with their own stats and individual traits.
  • Manage your party by selecting crew members for the best mix of traits.
  • Protect your crew, if they die they are lost forever.
  • Scavenge washed up wrecks for the resources you need to upgrade your ship.
  • Uncover and activate ancient support totems hidden throughout the islands.


Lost Sea is currently being developed by eastasiasoft and is part of the ID@Xbox program and is due for release this year.

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