Xbox One UK’s News Round Up! 28/06 – 05/07

Hello, person interested in video games! The months are passing and we now find ourselves in July. If you’re an American, happy belated Independence Day (we’re not still bitter, promise); and if you’re in the UK, feel free to moan about the weather being too hot/cold/rainy/snowy(?) in the comments below. If you’re anywhere else in the world hopefully you’re enjoying the beginning of the month. Now let’s get on with some news!


If you like sales, you’ll go weak at the knees for this one.

Ultimate Game Sale on Xbox One, running July 7-13


We really need to stock up on comments for the Xbox One logo. Perhaps we can squeeze more mileage out of the green.


Are you a member of the Xbox Preview program? Had an update recently? Best check this out if so.

Xbox One Preview Program Update – 272mb or 2GB?


Enjoying the Preview program?


Want to play Fallout 3 on your Xbox One but no longer have it on disc?

Fallout 3 To Be Available On Xbox One Only If You Preorder Fallout 4


Vault Tec’s Pip-Boy Mafia


July typically doesn’t see many new releases, but there are some.

Games Released This Month – July 2015


This is what the Xbox logo looks like when you’ve been staring at the TV for too long.


If you like racing on two wheels at speeds whince-inducingly fast, you’d best see if the latest MotoGP game can satisfying your needs.

MotoGP 15 Review


Yes. Yes, we do want to have a go.


GTA V is getting some new sounds, some new radio sounds.

GTA5 The Lab Radio Coming in July

GTA 5 - Explosion

Something going on back there?


Is you dashboard looking out of date? Time for a fresh image!

Official Free Xbox Wallpapers & Backgrounds


The latest and greatest? That’s an offer we can’t refuse.


Microsoft are up to something! Okay, Microsoft might be up to something.

Microsoft Might Buy AMD (And What That (In Theory) Means For You)


The best of bedfellows?


Indie Spotlight

More good news from the Indie Spotlight this week, as We Happy Few went beyond its Kickstarter goal of $250,000 CAD to reach a whopping $334,754, meaning not only the game but three stretch goals have been funded. It’s yet to be confirmed as coming to Xbox One, however with such a strong show of support and the developer’s previous game, Contrast, gracing consoles, signs are looking good. You can find out a little more on the game here and check out the official website here. In all honesty, we’re particularly excited about We Happy Few.


A real groovy game.


We’ve come to an end! Have a great week, and see you next time!

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