RENOIR – Kickstarter Project

Time to solve a murder case, shame you are the victim

Time to take your role as James Renoir, a private detective with a darkened and sinister past struggling to stay afloat in a city sunk to the floor by crime and corruption. Using the skills learnt as a former police detective, your role in life is to do what you know best: Investigating and exposing like no other.

Time to get ready to meet an informant, you’ve done this a thousand times before so nothing to worry about. You have to meet him, this crucial piece of evidence is just what you need to close this case. You roll up to the meeting point, time to keep your cool and seal the deal. Except this time you played it too cool, the only thing you can remember is the sickening echo of a gunshot and looking down to see it’s you that’s been hit.

Waking up after this ordeal, everything seems good and you count yourself one lucky son of a gun. But you weren’t so lucky, you died and this is where the game really starts.

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Time to use your skills like never before, find out what happened and why. Things as made much more difficult very quickly as you discover you can’t communicate with the living — the shock vanishes and becomes replaced with that hollow sense of  being ‘alone’. No one but you can find the clues that’ll bring the answers, only you can solve your own murder case.

In your new paranormal state, Renoir can’t be exposed to direct light. More than ever, you must keep to the shadows. You do find yourself with a new found skill, at the site of any violent crime or fatal accident Renoir can use the souls of the victims to help him.

For a brief moment you become a victim and perform a set of actions, which once set in motion will help negotiate all kinds of obstacles. As for the victims, these lighter souls are less vulnerable to the pain of light. Use them to open up safe passages through the shadows, check out the video below to show how timing and careful planning will be valuable traits during puzzle-solving in RENOIR. While controlling the victims, you must literally cooperate with your future self to succeed.:

James Renoir narrates through monologues and special flashback sequences that hang a naked bulb over his own past, be aware that even darker secrets of the city are revealed as well. But more than anything, you need the clues to solve your own death.

We owe thanks to ‘Soulbound Games’ for being the creative force behind this dark platform puzzler, they are an independent game studio from the Czech Republic founded in 2013. Even in a small team, their goal is to deliver unforgettable experiences to players. Why not help them out in return, they are running a Kickstarter project for RENOIR and their page can be found right here. There’s some really nice items for backers as well, the poster is most tempting for me as I have a perfect space on my wall for it. We have another trailer for you to check out, you have to admire how dark and dirty the game looks:

We will be keeping you up to date as soon as possible with RENOIR, this looks like a dark diamond of a title and one I will definitely be adding to my game library. Let us know if you will be adding this to yours too.


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