Commander Cool 2 Heading For Xbox

This game has more cool built in than an Eskimo’s igloo

How would it sound if I told you there is a game that let’s you do the wildest things imaginable and no one would bat an eyelid? Would you like to wear a shark suit while playing, not a problem. Have you ever shot a rainbow out of a unicorn’s head, well now’s your chance. Surely everyone has thought about being dressed as Futurama’s Bender, wielding a gatling gun and fighting cavemen? Okay, maybe that last one is just me but you can do all of that plus more in ‘Commander Cool 2’.

Feast your eyes on this awesome platform shooter that gets you fighting your way through the stone age, donned in all sorts of unlockable outfits with an arsenal of weapons that would bring a tear of joy to any commander’s eye. You know this game sounds like a real hoot, well as you’ve all be so good the team at Microsoft have approved this to become a member of the ID@XBOX program (Can I get a whoop whoop!!)

I know you’re eager to see what ‘Commander Cool 2’ looks like, take a gander over these screenshots and prepare yourself for a temperature drop as things are about to get cool:

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When an evil genius, cleverly disguised as a curious janitor, gets his hands on a time travel device in a secret lab things get thick real quick. The scientist who created it loses his mind and calls in Commander Cool to use the spare but rickety prototype in order to hunt down the thief through three different ages from the distant past to the future, time to kick butt while time travelling.

You know what would make this even better, a side order of multiplayer. Travelling through time on your own is a thing of the past, become an unstoppable force with up to 4 friends as you battle everything from dinosaurs to the demented death dealers of the future. You’ll need something to show you mean business, up to 9 crazy weapons of doom and destruction are at your disposal.  Use weapons like RS-182 Rainbow Spitting Unicorn and the formidable VW-21.2 Volcano Weapon to eliminate all threats, nothing demands respect more than the RS-182.

The release date is yet to be announced but I really can’t wait to give this a go so it can’t come soon enough for me, rest assured though as we will keep you up to date as soon as possible. Please let us know your thoughts on ‘Commander Cool 2’ and remember, keep being as cool as you already are.


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