GTA5 The Lab Radio Coming in July

GTA5 The Lab Radio Coming in July – See the details here!


GTA 5’s Console version finally gets a new addition to the choice of radio. The Lab, which was formerly exclusive to the PC version of GTA 5, will soon appear on radio dials everywhere, whether you’re cruising down The Great Ocean High Way, or you’re on a dirt bike over Sandy Shores, you can do so with the newly added The Lab. GTA 5’s console versions will get the new radio station along with the second part of the Ill-Gotten Gains update in July. Which means July is going to be a pretty huge month for the GTA players out there, especially the console ones!

GTA 5 - Explosion

The Lab is composed of many tracks that have been inspired by GTA 5’s original score, remixed and re-purposed by multiple artists across a couple of genres! The radio station will be hosted by two presenters, The hip-hop duo, Oh No and The Alchemist! The Xbox One and the PS4 versions of GTA 5 got a bunch of exclusive tracks, back when they launched last November. But The Lab is the first set of new music to be added to the Last-gen console versions of the game. The whole set-list for the radio is also available to be bought in vinyl next week, which is titled Welcome to Los Santos, which is something the hard-core fans of GTA 5 will probably be interested in.

Rockstar haven’t fully revealed what is to be expected from the rest of Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2, but from what we’ve seen from the first part, it’ll be full of expensive and great looking new gear & vehicles to throw your hard-earned heist loot on! We could even see a solid gold Rhino Tank!

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