MotoGP 15 Review

MotoGP 15 Review

So, I was a little excited about this release and, to be fair, MotoGP 15 was everything that I was expecting! Right from the start of the game the intro was mind Blowing! It really sets you up for the challenge ahead. Back in the good old days when the original Xbox was still in its honeymoon stages, THQ released MotoGP 2, one of the greatest MotoGP games, I believe. It had the masses competing at the highest level and I was lucky to be playing MotoGP back then. With that in mind, I was really hoping that this new release of MotoGP was going to live up to my expectations.

The sound, the colours and the graphics are all so well put together and so pleasing that it’s like having Christmas and your birthday at the same time. Whilst driving, I spent a dangerous amount of time checking out all the scenery around each track, which, I might add, is truly amazing! The scope of sound in the game is not wide, covering just the bikes’ engine sound but this is replicated accurately and positioned well during gameplay. From the start of the game I found it a little hard to adjust to the track as it has been a while since my last drive but I was amazed to find that driving hasn’t changed dramatically and feels like the original. The tracks, however, have changed. Not drastically, but the collection now boasts 18 of them to thrash around.


MotoGP 15 doesn’t do much to change the fundamental gameplay mechanics of simulation racing and instead puts more of an emphasis on customization. This includes over 100 individual accessories that can be purchased in game by way of GP credits, an entirely virtual currency that is earned through any number of racing events, be it online or offline. The game also sports over 20 different bike models that will span 3 separate biking classes, including MotoGP, Moto 2 and Moto 3. Further customization is offered with a lot of different bike liveries supported with the corresponding official colour scheme. As you progress further through the game, you have the opportunity to to accept a sponsorship. Character customization is also offered thanks to coloured leathers, boots and gloves.


Also on offer, is the chance to race alongside riders and bikes from the 2015 season as well as real events from the 2014 season.Outside of the career mode, there are the Online Grand Prix, Online Championship, MotoGP Sprint Season and various other modes.

The core gameplay will be strikingly familiar for fans of the genre, featuring tight controls that require much more finesse than arcade racers, tougher courses built around tight, crowded turns and a heavy focus on precision and control over outright speed. Assistance comes in the form of trajectory lines guiding you through the course with indicators for when to brake, a rewind feature that allows you to get a free do-over when you inevitably rocket off your bike like Evil Knievel and the ability to toggle other features as you please, including steering, transmission and braking. Is this starting to sound familiar yet?


If you’ve gone anywhere near a racing sim in the past few years, then MotoGP 15 will be easy to pick up and play, although the bike physics can take a bit of time to get used to due to their inconsistency. While bikes realistically tilt to insane degrees with each corner, some turns will have your helmet scraping the asphalt with nary a waver while others will fling you off your bike if you dare to barely press the gas.


The Career mode is where most players will begin and if you’re new to the series this is definitely the best introduction. Starting out as the wild card in the Moto 3 tier, you’ll guide your custom driver through each tier until you eventually become the Mot0GP World Champion. Customization for your biker isn’t incredibly deep, but it did let me create myself and assign hot pink boots. Only joking, but it was cool to see myself blasting around the track breaking records.

Even though Milestone offers a ton of modes to check out, the core gameplay never changes between any of them so, with the exception of a few, many of them are too similar to be any fun on their own. Check them out regardless to see if one appeals to you. While the Career mode will offer a few hours of enjoyment and Real Events offers a vicarious rush, multiplayer is where MotoGP 15 gets truly interesting, this is what, for me, made the original so good and MotoGP 15 doesn’t lack any of the fun. Milestone have truly kept to their roots and I feel there is nothing better than having some banter with a fellow Xbox live member, telling them how shockingly rubbish they are and beating the best times.

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  • 8/10
    Graphics - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Sound - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Gamplay - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Value - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Longevity - 9/10


So, the question is would I recommend this game? 100%! I love the fact that this game brings racers together online and for £40 its a must buy bargain! So, go ask your mum for more pocket money, I know I will be.

Colin Cashin

i am 37 years young with one wife one daughter and one Xbox one console living the dream.

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