Drink Water for Dying Light, Get Even More DLC

Dying Light developers Techland have taken their drink water, get DLC campaign one step further, by adding stretch goals.

Techland have decided to design, create and release a number of all new free DLC packs for Dying Light throughout the second half of this year. For the packs to be released, all fans need to do is continue posting pictures of themselves drinking water on Twitter with the hashtag #DrinkForDLC.

Everyone who’s already tweeted a picture will be added to the total. Given how popular this campaign has been the 5,000 goal has almost been reached, and so Techland have decided to reward all the water-loving fans with a 50% XP boost to player agility. The perk will be active for 24 hours, starting this Sunday, June 28th (Pacific time). In the UK, that my be approximately 4:00pm on Saturday, depending on the exact time the perk is activated on Sunday.

For that weapon docket from yesterday, use the TH1RST-1S-R34L code as seen in the tweet.

Who’d have thought drinking water for DLC would prove so popular? Mostly everyone, actually, but it’s a pleasant change from the usual way DLC is marketed.

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