Bungie Weekly Update – Part Two

In Part One of the Bungie Weekly Update we brought you the news that Bungie have reiterated the fact that day one guardians will receive some exclusive rewards in light of the recent controversy regarding The Taken King.

More news about The Taken King has been announced by the Destiny devs, “we’ve got plans to roll it all out in depth and in style.” If you have questions about which version is right for you, browse the selections here…

Established in ‘04

The fully-functional clubhouse of the Bungie Community is a constant target of tender loving care. There are developers at Bungie who focus all their creative efforts on the Destiny Companion – a place born of our website and/or your mobile device. You are here.

Here are some of the enhancements they’re delivering in the near term.

Bungie.net Profile Status Update:
Further customize your identity. Set a profile “status” for your friends and followers to see. Easily check the status of your friends and people you’re following on the Friends tab. Set the status on your profile page or directly from the Friends tab.


Android Update
Further customize your identity. Set a profile “status” for your friends and followers to see. Easily check the status of your friends and people you’re following on the Friends tab. Use the new Advisor Widget to see Weekly Missions, when they complete, reset, and what skulls they have! Improved Friends List – Now easier to re-authenticate with PSN and XBOX to see platform friends. Also, your clan roster is now available in the friends tab.

[all of this is coming soon to iOS, too.]

Bungie [Community] Day
You’ll find out on 07/07/15

Guiding Light

For the Destiny Player Support team, keeping you connected and well-informed is job number one. They make an appearance in every Weekly Update to point at their works. They can always be found in the #Help forum.

DPS: With the announcement of the Red Bull Quest, we’ve added a few new Guided Support articles to help you along the way. You can check them out on the Guided Support landing page. If you encounter any issues with your Red Bull codes, be sure to speak with Red Bull customer support for the best results.

We are aware that the Doubles Grimoire card is not properly unlocking for some players when accessing the Doubles activity in the Crucible. We’re currently investigating the matter.

Finally, please see our Taken King pre-purchase FAQ for all available information on purchasing the Taken King or the Legendary Edition. Stay tuned for further updates!

On the Engineering side, we’re seen some great success for the Connection Recovery feature that keeps Guardians with intermittent Internet connections in the fight. Ever since we put the new functionality into effect, 4.8 million Guardians have been rescued from being kicked to orbit.

Keep on playing, and we’ll keep enhancing the tech that keeps your feet on the ground of your favorite destinations.


That’s it for part two!

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