Year one players will get something better

So I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of the recently announced Destiny ‘legendary edition’. This comes with the base game, both the expansions released this year in ‘The dark below‘ and ‘House of Wolves’, aswell as the new taken king expansion.

However the collectors edition will come with the as mentioned above, aswell as a few added extras destiny fans may love to get their hands on. (See image below).image


However, it caused quite a stir, as it seemed like new players who bought this version of the game would get new perks and rewards, while veterans and hardcore players of the game for the last year would be left without, potentially meaning to get the same goodies as someone new to the game, you would have to essentially buy everything again!..

Fear not though destiny fans and veterans, it seems like bungie has got something extra special in store for all them hours (I expect that is quite a lot of hours) you spent grinding away trying to get that last piece of legendary gear to max out your character. Although it hasn’t been revealed exactly what yet, existing year one players won’t get the same as the new-comers, you will get in bungies words ‘something better’. The picture below was taken from the destiny forum.


So what’s everyone’s thought on this? Will you be picking it up? Is the price point a big no-no? Let us know in the comments.

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One thought on “Year one players will get something better

  • 24/06/2015 at 10:52 am

    The price is really no issue, I understand that certain costs rise and thus we have to pay, but with how faithful bungie has been with us and trying to keep up with our requests I will side with them

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