Calling All Bat-Fans: Xbox One UK Investigates the Identity of the Arkham Knight!

Years have turned to months, months have turned to weeks, and now weeks are turning to days as we draw closer to the final act in Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy. Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the most hotly anticipated games in the Dark Knight’s history, and while shiny graphics and the controls to a thundering Batmobile are alluring features of the new game, for fans of the Arkham trilogy the most tantalising prospect of all surely has to be Arkham Knight’s thrilling story.

That thrilling story, or at least aspects of it, is what this article is going to dig into. Switching on our detective vision we’ll be attempting to uncover the mysterious identity of the Arkham Knight, compiling theories from around the web as well as our own assertions in a bid to fathom Batman’s newest – and possibly one of his greatest – foes to date. Each theory will have a rating too as we weigh-in on what’s most likely and what would make for the most exciting reveal. So, set your scowls to menacing, Bat-girls and -boys (or even to a maniacal grin, if that’s your thing), as Xbox One UK delves into Gotham’s dark corners.

Before we go any further, however, it’s worth saying that there will be spoilers ahead for Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Origins, as well as Arkham Knight if any of these speculations prove accurate. If you haven’t played any of the prior games then you should go and do that right now, and if you have, don’t worry too much: like a Channel 5 documentary this article isn’t going to give any absolute, 100% answer. With all tha t in mind, let’s begin!


Since the announcement of the game, Rocksteady have repeatedly stated that the Arkham Knight is a new character. We’ll be questioning whether that’s the whole truth but first, if you’d like to get a grip on some of the characteristics of the Arkham Knight, take a look at the profile below featuring information from the Arkham wiki. Otherwise, feel free to scroll on down to the theories.

    • The Knight is aware of and may have somehow monitored the events of both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.
    • Via the current Arkham Knight comic series, set immediately after Arkham City, we know that the Knight has been active some time.
    • From this we can guess that either the events of Asylum inspired the Knight and he spent the next 18 months up to City gathering some of his armaments (there’s approximately 12 months between City and Knight, which gives time to build up an army), or he was already preparing himself prior to Asylum.
    • Those armaments include guns, with which he is proficient, gadgets similar to Batman’s, and an armoured suit with an ‘A’ (presumably for ‘Arkham’) upon the chest and mimicking bat-like ears. His army is made up of Venezuelan black ops soldiers.
    • The Knight is after vengeance, but cold and calculating. Psychopathic, he has no care for those he considers “weak”. He will exploit opportunities if they’re presented, and possibly has a particularly personal vendetta against Batman: when Scarecrow, with whom he’s teamed up, asks the Knight why he hates Batman so much, the Knight responds that ‘no one could understand’.
    • Judging by some of his quotes the Knight is younger than Batman; he may know Batman’s identity but has so far kept it to himself; he knows Batman’s armour weaknesses; and he considers himself to be superior than Batman.
    • He’s 6ft 1in (1.85m) and weighs 225 lbs (how anyone found that out goodness only knows).


The “Existing Character” Theory


We’re going to get this right out of the way with now: the Arkham Knight is not Mr. J. Probably. Unless the Clown Prince of Crime has suddenly gotten taller an d put on weight, he simply doesn’t physically fit the Arkham Knight’s profile.48503_orig

“But what if the Knight’s suit has added to Joker’s height and bulk?!”, you shout. The thing is, the Arkham Knight’s behaviour is in no way similar to Joker’s – it just can’t be him. There is a possibility that the Joker has a hand in the Arkham Knight’s origins, and may be supporting him in some manner – after all, Joker supposedly died next to a Lazarus Pit with Clayface nearby, and how Joker knew the Lazarus Pit below Monarch Theatre is still a bit of a mystery. Clayface could have pretended to be Joker’s dead body when Batman was knocked unconscious; or Joker could find his way to another Pit even when he’s dead. Harley Quinn has her ways.

Reveal factor: 10/10 (come on, it’s Mr. J!)

Actually behind/is the Arkham Knight: 3/10

Ra’s al Ghul


Ra’s al Ghul is the 500-plus year old leader of the League of Assassins and a man determined to rid Gotham of humanity’s evils by basically destroying the place. We’re not suggesting that Ra’s is the man behind the Arkham Knight’s mask, but we are going to say that it seems very likely Ra’s is behind the man behind the Arkham Knight’s mask. You follow?


“But wait!” You again shout. “Last we saw of Ra’s he was impaled on spikes after being blown out the top of Wonder Tower! Him coming back to life is, oh, as likely as Talia coming back after she was shot by Joker, gosh darn it!”

The thing is, if you return to the spot where Ra’s was impaled after some time has passed in the game his body is no longer there. It therefore seems highly probable his Assassins collected his body and returned him to the Lazarus Pit, the thing by which he has kept alive all these centuries thanks to it’s restorative powers.

Same goes for Talia al Ghul: after she was shot by Joker in Monarch Theatre her body disappears during the ensuing fight with Clayface. This could simply be brushed away as a gameplay design point, removing her body so it doesn’t distract with the fight. However, while that’s probably the case, it can also be said that her disappearance is due to one or more of her elite bodyguards – of which the ninja you meet in the Natural History Museum earlier in Arkham City is one – have rescued her and taken her to the Lazarus Pit below the theatre, bringing her back to life before Batman and Clayface crash down to it.

Creator of the Knight?

How is Ra’s al Ghul behind the Arkham Knight, though? This line of theory can actually be traced all the way back to Warner Bros. Montreal’s Batman: Arkham Origins, set approximately five years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum. In Origins, Batman has a bounty placed on his head by Joker and one of the assassins that accepts the hit is Shiva. Shiva is a deadly assassin and actually under the command of Ra’s, who wanted her to not only test Batman to see if the Dark Knight could be a worthy asset to the League of Shadows and Ra’s right-hand man as he attempts to destroy Gotham, but to also carry out certain operations within the city.Lady_shiva

Here’s where things get really interesting: one of the “operations” Shiva carries out is contacting a certain Quincy Sharp and convincing him to re-open Arkham Asylum. The League of Shadows has monitored Sharp and believes him to be an ideal pawn due to his lust for power and political ambitions of becoming Mayor of Gotham. Shiva persuades Sharp that by locking up violent criminals in the Asylum he will gain the necessary popularity and support of the people that will allow him to become Mayor and, as we know, Sharp accepts.

So, while the events with Joker in Batman: Arkham Ayslum have no obvious connection to Ra’s al Ghul, the very fact the Asylum was open is thanks to him and Shiva. Ra’s wasn’t doing it out of the kindness of his heart however, as he and Shiva had planned, before contacting Quincy Sharp, that the Asylum would trigger a chain of events culminating in a city-wide prison which would destroy Gotham. Arkham City, then.

In City, Ra’s and Hugo Strange gave guns to criminals such as Joker and Two-Face in order that Gotham City Council would have no alternative than to initiate Protocol 10, a contingency that allowed Strange’s TYGER Guards patrolling Arkham City to shoot and kill the criminals within. Hugo Strange was Ra’s puppet in Arkham City, while Quincy Sharp was Strange’s, but Batman ultimately thwarted their master plan. Stopping Protocol 10 led to Protocol 11 which was Wonder Tower self-destructing, and it was during that sequence Ra’s was revealed as the mastermind behind it all, killing Strange and landing on the spikes of Arkham City’s front gate.

It makes sense that, if Ra’s has been revived by a Lazarus Pit, he would try yet again to destroy Gotham, which brings us right back to the Arkham Knight. Other than being called the Arkham Knight, a direct reference to the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City locales – which Ra’s set up – the League of Shadows and Ra’s have vast amounts of money with which they could fund the Knight’s armies and weapons as well as being able to provide the necessary combat training to the Knight himself.

More evidence is at hand when if you consider a post by the official Batman: Arkham Knight profile on Facebook.

“To all embedded units in Gotham: Operation Savior has begun. So move out into this damn city and lock it down. I want our hands wrapped tight around Gotham’s throat within the hour.”

Posted by Batman Arkham on Monday, 7 July 2014


“Operation: Saviour” is just the sort of term an organisation such as the League of Shadows would use to describe destroying a city due to the belief they’re doing what’s right. One theory as to the ultimate story behind Batman: Arkham Knight is that the Knight is assisting the villains to finish off Batman and destroy Gotham in order that, once it’s done the Knight can kill the villains as the League and Ra’s dictate and there’ll be no competition from Batman.

The final piece of evidence comes from Rocksteady, Or rather something Rocksteady have done. When Batman: Arkham Origins first launched Rocksteady didn’t recognise it as canon to their own Arkham games. Recently, however, they announced that they do now consider it canon, stating events in Origins will be referenced throughout Arkham Knight. By doing this the theory of a series of events culminating in Arkham Knight that started in Arkham Origins is now perfectly valid; and, hey, why not take a look at that title again? Arkham Origins. It’s the origins of the Arkham series, which we now know tells the origins of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City thanks to Ra’s and Shiva.

Perhaps recognising Batman’s potential as a worthy adversary should he refuse to join the League of Shadows, Ra’s – and possibly Shiva – devised a plan to create someone who could defeat Batman? An anti-Batman? The Arkham Knight?

Come on, you know you want to believe it.

Reveal factor: 7/10

Actually behind/is the Arkham Knight: 9/10



Dr. Jonathan Crane is a man who uses more hallucinogens than the participants of a 1970’s rave; could Scarecrow’s Fear Gas have finally sunk into Batman’s mind and, dare we suggest it, the Arkham Knight is a figme nt of Bruce’s imagination?


Creator of the Knight?

Umm, no. It’s a prevalent theory on the web, but not only is it [in our opinion] fairly anti-climatic, it doesn’t really make sense. Scarecrow converses with the Knight, the Knight can be seen giving orders to his men – basically, the Knight exists. The only way it’s possible is if Bruce is projecting the persona of the Arkham Knight onto another character, but this theory seems even more unlikely.

In fact, it’s not clear if Scarecrow knows the identity of the Arkham Knight and whether Scarecrow has any say over the Arkham Knight’s actions, or if they’re simply working together for similar ends. The Knight wants Batman dead and Scarecrow wants to control Gotham and spread his Fear Gas throughout the Eastern Seaboard, which would be easier with Batman out of the way.

By the way, if you’re wondering about Scarecrow’s new, almost spectral appearance after looking relatively normal in Arkham Asylum, it turns out that this is how you end up after being chewed on by Killer Croc – a fate Scarecrow blames Batman for.

Reveal factor: 4/10

Actually behind/is the Arkham Knight: 4/10



Thomas Elliot, a.k.a Hush, was a childhood friend to Bruce Wayne. If you’ve been watching the recent TV series Gotham, you got a chance to see Bruce punch him in the face with a watch.


Not the best start to a friendship and believe it or not it isn’t actually being clobbered in the face with wrist-wear that turns Elliot into the face-cutting Hush. What does is Bruce’s father, Thomas Wayne, saving Elliot’s parents after Elliot tries to kill them so that he can inherit their fortune.

Elliot becomes a top-class surgeon as an adult, and plots his revenge against Bruce by cutting up the faces of others’ in order to use the flesh to transform his own face into a copy of Bruce’s. You can see the finished result during an encounter in Arkham City.

The Knight?

If Hush is willing to change his face and voice to mimic that of Bruce’s, donning some armour and becoming an anti-Batman seems trivial in comparison. We know Hush is definitely going to be in Arkham Knight: after Hush traps Batman and escapes in Arkham City, Bats later tells Oracle that he’ll ‘hunt him down tomorrow’.

Physically, he’s only two inches taller than the Arkham Knight and the hushexact same weight. He’s intelligent and a crack-shot, too. Although the voice of Hush and the Knight are different, he could be transforming it electronically for his own nefarious reasons. What a moment it would be to remove the Arkham Knight’s mask to see Bruce’s face staring right back.

Oh, and you know what was lurking around Hush’s hideout? A Fear Gas canister, and just the sort Scarecrow uses. Might be more than a coincidence when we consider the Arkham Knight’s affiliation with Scarecrow; and during the comic story arc “The Heart of Hush”, Hush does team up with Scarecrow. Turns out the latter had contacted the former during his childhood, and Hush then goes on to let it be known that he doesn’t want anyone else killing Batman as he sees it as his own right.

In fact, we almost hope Hush isn’t the Arkham Knight just so he can have a storyline all to his own but Hush definitely fits the bill for the new villain.

Reveal factor: 9/10 (Mostly because of Bruce’s face staring back.)

Actually behind/is the Arkham Knight: 4/10



Michael Lane used to be a police officer with the GCPD before becoming a part of an initiative to “create the ultimate 2873893-bak_sshot143crime fighter.” Unsurprisingly, that initiative didn’t work out, and Michael Lane became a criminal. Batman stopped him and after a talk with a priest Michael became a part of the Order of St. Dumas. Now he goes by the title of Azrael and wears armour known as “The Suit of Sorrows”, which will defeat Lane if he does not keep his soul pure.

The Knight?

Many people think Azrael is a good fit for the Arkham Knight, especially seeing as his prophecy in Arkham City foretold the events depicted in Arkham Knight.

‘Dark days are coming, Batman. The Prophecy is coming true, you are the warrior who will close the gates of Hell, you are the one who will save this day, and in doing so, events will occur that you cannot stop, from the Ashes of Arkham the fires will rage and Gotham will burn, and you, you will burn too.’


Jean-Paul Valley Jr.

In the Batman comics there have been a few people with the title of Azrael, one of which is Jean-Paul Valley Jr. (Senior was also an Azrael). He’s worth mentioning because, not only does Michael Lane take after Jean-Paul’s Azrael appearance, Jean-Paul also became Batman for a while when Bruce’s back was broken by Bane. It quickly became apparent that Jean-Paul was merciless in doling out justice, technologically upgrading the Batsuit so it could deal more damage, focusing on fighting instead of mental reasoning, and allowing both villains and innocent people to die. If you didn’t know the context, you’d say that sounds like a lot like the Arkham Knight.

Returning to Lane, it’s said he’s somewhat deranged, possibly due to the armour he wears or the mental “training” he went under during the previously referred to initiative which sought to make the test subjects motivated by personal loss and tragedy, similar, as the administering doctor thought, to what motivates Batman. In City, Lane also made it known to Batman that he’s been observing him for some time, suggesting he knows what occurred at Arkham Asylum.

All in all, Michael Lane – Azrael – seems a good fit for the Arkham Knight, especially if that mental training made him feel a tortured necessity to destroy Batman so he could somehow reclaim his peace of mind. You do have to wonder, however, why Lane would dress up as the Arkham Knight when he’s already got the appearance of Azrael. Unless, of course, it’s because killing Batman while wearing “The Suit of Sorrows” wouldn’t keep his soul pure. It probably wouldn’t keep it pure, to be honest.

Reveal factor: 7/10

Actually behind/is the Arkham Knight: 6/10


The “Character Without A Previous Main Feature” Theory


Damian Wayne and The Heretic


You’ve most likely heard of Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul (Ra’s daughter), who in the comic series becomes the latest Robin. Damian was gestated in a laboratory and Talia kept him a secret from Bruce for 10 years, training him in the ways of the League of Assassins until she one day decided to leave him with Bruce. Damian is violent, self-important and a trained killer; he fits the bill of the Arkham Knight’s personality and age relative to Batman, and any personal connection is explained easily if Damian is behind the Knight’s mask.

The Knight?

Damian being the Knight is another popular theory on the web and is possible within the Arkham universe. In City, Talia refers to a night she and Bruce spent together in Metropolis, an occasion when Damian could have been conceived. A valid counter-argument is that Talia never mentions to Bruce they have a son, even when she’s dying. However, some storylines have Talia wanting to bear Bruce a child and become a united family with him that would rule the world. Bruce turns her down and Talia feels stung, so even if she has had a son to Bruce she might not tell him. Another argument is Damian’s age – how can he be the man inside the Knight’s suit when Bruce and Talia haven’t known each other long enough? Enter The Heretic.


Looks a little like the Arkham Knight, no?

The Heretic is a clone of the young Damian Wayne made by Talia, when Bruce turned down her offer of becoming a family to rule the world. She disowns Damian, who sides with his father, and takes her clone to a facility in Yemen that specialises in creating metahuman bodyguards with experimental surgery. Talia has the clone gestated in the, erm, body of a whale, which – somehow – speeds his ageing and quickly the clone grows into an adult. Fighting his way out of the whale, which is bound to make most people cranky, he hones his fighting techniques by killing the facility’s entire metahuman bodyguard population.

The Heretic goes on to later kill Damian during a Talia-led invasion of Wayne Tower. During this seqbestbuy arkuence, Damian and Nightwing talk, and it’s revealed that Ra’s had stolen his body from Wayne Manor Graveyard to create an army of clones with which to wage his war against Batman

We’re getting outside of the Arkham games now, but the point is there’s precedent for cloning and speeded ageing with Ra’s behind it in the Batman universe, so something along these lines could feature in Arkham Knight. In fact, just replace whale-gestation with the Titan formula that makes an appearance in the Arkham games and you could viably speed up ageing that way.

Let’s not forget a tweet from Best Buy, either. It could just be a simple mistake but ‘Masked as Bruce Wayne’s son’ reads pretty definitively and there’s precedent for playing as the son of the hero in other open-world games such as – SPOILER – Red Dead Redemption. After John Marston dies at the end Red Dead you come back post-credits in control of Jack Marston, his son, able to carry on where John left off in most things and even having a handful of epilogue missions. Rumour has it Batman will die in Arkham Knight; if Damian is the Knight, perhaps he has a moment of conscience and vows to fight for good and continue his father’s work. Which also directly references the Arkham Knight announce trailer called “Father to Son”, where Thomas Wayne narrates the elements of his last will and testament that focus on Bruce. If so, the answer has been staring us in the face from the beginning.

Reveal factor: 7/10

Actually behind/is the Arkham Knight: 8/10

Jason Todd


Jason Todd has had a troubled life. He’s also available as a pre-order playable bonus for Batman: Arkham Knight at select retailers, coming with his own playable story; which is just the sort of thing that would probably irritate him quite a bit.

For those not aware, Jason Todd was a Robin who first started off as a Dick Grayson-like, being a member of the circus and unfortunately having his parents killed. However, Todd’s back-story was then changed to one that made him a child of the streets who first came to Batman’s attention when stealing the tyres off the Batmobile.

Todd’s motives in one comic storyline was to provide for his single mother after his father was killed; whatever Todd’s reasons, Bats sees potential and takes Todd under his leathery wing, training him to be the second Robin as the first – Dick Grayson – had gone on to become Nightwing.4615338545_death_of_robin_answer_2_xlarge

The public didn’t like this new Todd as Robin and during the story arc “Death In The Family“, Jason is killed off at the hands of a crowbar-wielding Joker, who also throws in a bomb for good measure.

(Fun fact: the decision to kill off Todd was made by a telephone poll, the results of which were 5343-5271. Close, but still – ouch.)

Batman blamed himself for Todd’s death instead of those 5343 that voted “yes, kill him”, falling into a deep depression and wishing he’d given Jason more training as Robin. He even puts Jason’s Robin suit into a case on display in the Batcave.

But wait! Superboy-Prime alters reality from the paradise dimension in which he is trapped and, six months after his death, this brings Todd back to life! What Super-Boy Prime was doing in that paradise dimension is something you’ll have to ask Super-Boy Prime, as it takes us way off course here, but the back-to-life Todd is taken in by Talia al Ghul and placed in a Lazarus Pit to heal the wounds inflicted by Joker.

That Lazarus Pit happened to be one Ra’s al Ghul was using and it’s possible that exposure to the Pit and Ghul altered Jason’s mind and made him just a little twisted.

To cut a long story short, Todd takes up the Joker’s old mantle of the “Red Hood” and starts fighting crime in a brutal way. He has many run-ins with Batman and the Bat-family, angry at the former for not killing Joker after what he’d done to him, and even forms his own crime-fighting partnership to rival Batman and Robin. He even vies for the title of Batman at one point. It’s only in comics from recent years that there’s any sort of amicability between Todd and the family.

The Knight?

This is relative to the Arkham Knight because a desire to see Batman brought down is a very plausible motive for Todd. Physically, the Knight and Todd are similar, they both fight with hand-to-hand combat as well as firearms, and it explains the personal knowledge of Batman the Arkham Knight seems to have.

BwBofGhCcAAvc88We know the events of Todd’s death have already taken place before Arkham Asylum, as before the fight with Bane in Asylum Joker comments on how he’d murdered Jason and that Batman could do with a new sidekick. There’s no mention of Todd or Red Hood in Arkham City, so it could be around this time or a little after that he is revived. (Though whether or not Rocksteady will bring Super-Boy Prime into the proceedings is questionable. Our guess would be a Lazarus Pit and/or Titan.)

We’ve seen images of Red Hood in Arkham Knight and his appearance could easily be moulded into that of the Knight’s; his helmet is already simiilar. However, a red Bat-symbol is clearly on display upon Todd’s Red Hood armour, something that he only sports in the comics when his relationship with Batman and the Bat-family improves, suggesting that by the time of Arkham Knight Jason Todd is no longer out for revenge.

Reveal factor: 2/10

Actually behind/is the Arkham Knight: 6/10


Yes, Man-Bat. What? Hey, don’t go closing this tab! We’re being serious.


Well, more or less serious. There’s debate whether or not Man-Bat even exists within the Arkham universe but the theory of him being the Arkham Knight has cropped up more than once online and in conversations, so we’re going to give him a quick look-in here.


Dr. Robert Kirkland “Kirk” Langstrom is the scientist specialising in the study of bats who, after developing a serum to give humans bat-like sonar hearing, tries it on himself in a bid to cure his developing deafness. And what do you know, it worked! The only main drawback was that he slowly transformed into a humanoid, monster, bat-thing.

Obviously not happy about the transformation, Kirk goes off to steal chemicals that will reverse his fate and it’s while doing so that he and Batman have their first encounter. Kirk loses to his new feral instincts and Batman is forced to subdue him, as well as to administer the antidote.

Like any obsessive scientist, Kirk decides to refine his formula, allowing him to retain his human intelligence while in bat form and to even control his transformations. He works as a detective and independent crimefighter for a time, but he ultimately loses out to his bat-side. In this state he believes Batman is responsible for killing his daughter – even though his daughter isn’t actually dead – and so goes on the offensive, attacking Batman in the Batcave.198461-142368-man-bat

His story goes on like that, believing later that he’s killed his wife, son and daughter, even though he hasn’t. Eventually, Talia al Ghul (yes, her again) kidnaps Kirk’s wife, Francine, and threatens to poison her if he he doesn’t give the Man-Bat formula away; he relents and Francine is freed. Talia then goes on to use the mutagen formula to turn members of the League of Assassins into Man-Bats. Or Men-Bats?

The Knight?

Could the Arkham Knight be the Man-Bat, or a Man-Bat? It seems unlikely Dr. Robert Kirkland “Kirk” Langstrom is the new villain, unless Rocksteady take the character in a different direction, a very different direction, but an assassin from the League of Shadows that’s capable of shifting between human- and bat-form would certainly make for a capable adversary. Peeling off the Arkham Knight’s helmet to find a giant bat head gnashing back at you is Game of the Year making, too, and if you take into account the Arkham Knight’s affiliation with Scarecrow the theory starts to become a little more convincing.

Bruce Wayne chose the guise of Batman because of his fear of bats afterall, and using people’s deepest fears against them is just the sort of thing Scarecrow likes doing.

Plus, Man-Bat’s page on the Arkham Wiki is up for deletion – someone covering their tracks before the game launches? Never say never.

Reveal factor: 10/10 (Just imagine that bat head completely out of the for a moment.)

Actually behind/is the Arkham Knight: 2/10

The “Completely New Character” Theory

What if it’s as simple as the person behind the Arkham Knight’s mask really is just a completely new character of Rocksteady’s devising. Maybe he’s called Dave, or Nathaniel. The reason for his uncompromising hatred of Batman could be that he lacks the self-confidence to pull off Bat’s phsyique-hugging armour, and that really riles the Arkham Knight.

The two problems with this theory are 1. if, all of a sudden, a “Nathaniel” is introduced in the game who we’ve never met before suspicion will quickly fall on him, and 2. it’s not quite the same narrative punch as if the person in the Quincy_Sharp2Arkham Knight’s suit has featured in, or is related to a character from Arkham Asylum and/or Arkham City.

Yet, it’s a valid theory, and there is one person who fits the bill of being completely new, and of Rocksteady’s devising: Quincy Ulysses Sharp.

What do you think – he’s the man behind the mask? No? Us neither.

We’re going to suggest Quincy Sharp’s son. And we’re going to present our evidence in a numbered list to show that we’ve really given it thought, and that we’re probably as obsessive as Riddler.


  1. Quincy Sharp wanted to “cure” Gotham. Schizophrenic, he read the memoirs of Amadeus Arkham, who founded Arkham Asylum and went insane , and became split between two personalities, one wanting to cure and the other obsessed with “eradicating the evil of insanity” from Arkham.
  2. The Arkham Knight’s name suggests a connection to Amadeus Arkham, or at least Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Although it could be a dig at Batman, the ‘Knight’ part suggests fighting for Arkham – the son carrying on the father’s work, which also ties in to the “Father to Son” announcement trailer mentioned in Damian’s section.
  3. Sharp comes from a dynasty with a long and proud military history and plenty of money. Sharp himself had no military success, but the son could easily be provided with the funds and knowledge to receive the training and equipment necessary to become the Arkham Knight we see.
  4. Alternatively, with Ra’s al Ghul manipulating Sharp, the League of Assassins could provide further funds and training, following the theory noted in Ra’s section earlier.
  5. If the Arkham Knight is Quincy’s son and is aligned with Ra’s, his desire to rid Gotham of any perceived evil would be even greater. “Operation: Saviour” fits in nicely here, as well as the idea of the Arkham Knight seeming to side with Scarecrow to allow the super-villains to destroy Batman and Gotham, before turning on them all.
  6. In Arkham City, Sharp’s mind is so fragile he’s been left within the city-wide prison: any responsibility to carry on the Sharp dynasty would now rest with the son.
  7. The seemingly personal connection the Knight has with Batman could be explained by Quincy’s son blaming Bats for what happened to his father, for not doing the “proper thing” and killing the villains. He might almost see Batman as the progenitor of the super-criminals.
  8. Azrael’s prophecy stated ‘from the Ashes of Arkham the fires will rage’. Note the capital ‘A’ on Ashes, which suggests a proper noun – the ashes of Amadeus Arkham, perhaps? Or the Arkham institutions? If so, someone believing they were continuing the work of Amadeus Arkham makes sense here.

It’s not a perfect theory, admittedly. The evidence can be interpreted in different ways and according to the Arkham Wiki Quincy Sharp doesn’t have a son. However, if I point out the fact that Jason Todd came back to life due to Super-Boy Prime altering reality from the paradise dimension in which he was trapped, Rocksteady can get a son in there somewhere.

Reveal factor: 6/10

Actually behind/is the Arkham Knight: 8/10 (We’re going to be over-confidant because it’s our own theory. You can laugh at us after the game’s out.)


That’s as far as we go! Reviewing it all, Joker, Man-Bat and Hush are what we think would make for the best reveal moment, mostly just for the faces of the last two. The most likeliest person in the Arkham Knight’s armour is Damian Wayne or Quincy Sharp’s son (we’ll cover ourselves by saying the latter also stands for it being a completely new character); we really suspect Ra’s al Ghul is behind the Arkham Knight whomever the actual person is, however.

Granted, there are other possibilities for the Arkham Knight’s true affiliation, such as the Suicide Squad and Amanda Waller, which is another possible explanation for Rocksteady making Origins canon due to the Squad and Waller first being shown coming together at the end of the game. Or the Arkham Knight could be a woman, however we haven’t explored that here because a. you want more to read?, and b. the evidence trends towards the individual being male. As it is, we think this is a pretty in-depth analysis of the most likely theories.

Leave any of your own theories in the comments below and get ready for Batman: Arkham Knight releasing on 23rd June!

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There's no doubt that people love a custom or modified controller. Anytime we post a feature on a new controller or some screenshots of...