Guitar Hero Live Is Coming- With Guitar Hero TV

There is good news for those who like their guitars plastic, Guitar hero is back. Only this time the rockstar experience is even more lifelike.

FreeStyleGames, the developers behind the DJ Hero games have upped the excitement levels with new ways to play. the games first person perspective places you center stage in front of a ‘live’ audience, and of course the better you play the louder they’ll scream. They have also broken new ground with the 24 hour Guitar Hero TV (GHTV), this is a rolling 24 hour music channel that players can play along to with new tracks been added all of the time. Watch the trailer here.gh3

The controller is different this time around as well. This version of the now famed plastic guitar has two rows of three buttons, emulating the way people would naturally play. This makes the game easier to learn but harder to master.

The key new features of Guitar Hero Live will be:

Live action first person realism the first person view in front of a live crowd cranks up the feel of realism and totally immerse the player in the game.

The worlds first playable music video network-GHTV allows the players to jump straight into a variety of genres of music and play along with official music videos. It also allows players to compete with friends in their own living rooms and players from around the world to achieve the highest scores.

Earn rewards as you play and reach Hero status- As you play you earn in-game currency that you can spend on additional content. This will include playercards and additional actual live concert footage to play along to.

Redesigned guitar controller- The six button design of the controller gives the player a more authentic chord creating feel, replicating playing an actual guitar more. Beginners can play with only three buttons, making the game easy to pick up and play. For medium ability players all six buttons can be used without having to stretch fingers down the neck of the guitar while masters can create chord structures to bring alive songs in new ways.

All Star lineup- The game will include hundreds of artists, featuring such names as The Black Keys, Fall Out Boy, Queen, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Rage Against the Machine, Gary Clark, Jr., Green Day, The War on Drugs, The Killers, The Rolling Stones, Pierce the Veil and Blitz Kids, with many more bands to be announced in the coming months.gh4

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