ENKI New First-Person Survival Horror Game

At E3 2015 a new survival horror game was announced at Microsoft’s Xbox conference, a whole new IP, ENKI.

ENKI is a first person survival horror game, it will be repeatable with multiple endings with an extensive randomization system which ensures that every play through whether you die or not will be different.

You are set on a time limit and locked in a dark cellar and you must figure out what has happened and how to escape the clutches of a serial killer. you will be able to find objects to help you aid your escape, you will also have to solve puzzles along the way but good luck as the randomization will prove challenging on every play through and with many different ways out.

As you escape this dark cellar you will uncover truths and information about the serial killer, with more at stake than your life you uncover ancient occult magic and mysteries. If you manage to make it to the end of the game you will be gifted one of the many different endings depending on the amount of secrets you uncover on your escape.

The trailer shows some puzzle sequences and exploring but there was no scray moments or jumps scares are they saving this for when we actually play?? or possibly for another trailer closer to launch. ENKI will be released later this year on Xbox One.

ENKI is inspired by authentic occult and religious texts and is under development by Storm in a Teacup, and will delight fans of horror, the supernatural and mystery.

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