Square Enix Builds E3 Hype With E3 Hype Trailer

Square Enix Presents have a trailer that does the job of a. telling you what games they’re bringing to E3, b. teasing the unannounced games they’re bringing to E3, and c. not showing you any gameplay of these games. It’s still worth a watch if your a Square Enix fan and have a sense of humour, though.

Confirmed titles on Xbox One that’ll be making an appearance are Just Cause 3Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Life Is Strange. The other titles are up for debate, but there might be something new for Rise of the Tomb Raider – which is also being shown at Microsoft’s briefing – and there’s always that new Hitman title.

Square Enix’s media briefing takes place on Tuesday, 16th June, 6:00pm UK time. We’ll have the live stream on site; for other time zones, take a look at this chart.

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