Gears Of War Remastered Trilogy Leaked

Gears Of War developer The Coalition has leaked the possible next Gears Of War game to be released. This morning on the Russian version of their website an information page accidentally leaked a brand new game. When translated to English the page read Gears Of War 3 coming to Xbox One August 2015. The Coalition quickly removed this and replaced it with the original Xbox 360 information page once again.

This comes after a trailer was leaked last month showing Gears Of War being played on an Xbox One which we covered earlier in the week here.



If these two sources are to be believed we may be getting a remastered Gears Of War collection sooner than we thought.

Microsofts E3 conference is at 5.30 pm today so if you want to check it out in hopes that Gears Of War Remastered may be announced there is the time for you.

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